Sri Lanka Army

Defenders of the Nation

29th August 2017 19:42:46 Hours

Human Touch & Digital Wonders Enthral Def. Seminar Participants at Welcome Reception

Human touch, coupled closely with most modern digital technology of the exceptional standards stunned both foreign delegates and local participants of the ‘Colombo Defence Seminar’ last evening (28) during a welcome reception at Hotel Kingsbury, Colombo when a string of colourfully-clad members in the Army cultural troupe, showcased their artistic talents before the gathering with a combined historical and cultural tapestry of saga which awed and excited the evening gathering.

The dramatic masterpiece, staged spanning from pre-historic Balangoda ‘Manawaya’ times, stone age and primitive periods, evolution of human settlements in the country, legendary history of Sigiriya damsels and kingdoms, arrival of Arahat Mahinda with Buddhism, invasion of Portuguese, Dutch and the British and until up to modern day transformation into social and cultural diversity, robbed all eyes and ears.

The social gathering, graced by Secretary Defence, former Secretary Defence, Commander of the Army, Commanders of the Navy and Air Force, Zambian Army Commander and other distinguished participants drew to a close with thundering applause and glee.