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04th April 2016 22:15:33 Hours

221 Brigade Troops Provide Lunch Treat

Troops of the 221 Brigade in 22 Division under the Security Force Headquarters East (SFHQ-E) offered a special lunch to the children and elders in ‘Grace Care Center’ for children and elderly at Trincomalee on March 20.

The arrangement was launched to mark the 221 Brigade’s anniversary.

Meals and gift parcels with essential sanitary items for day-today use were provided to 29 children and 25 elders in the home on the occasion.

Inmates were entertained by the Calypso Group of the 2 (V) GR.

6 Sri Lanka Armored Corps (6 SLAC), 6 Vijayaba Infantry Regiment (6 VIR) and 2 Volunteer Gajaba Regiment (2-V GR) are serving the 221 Brigade.