Sri Lanka Army

Defenders of the Nation

09th October 2018 23:40:33 Hours

“Prime Responsibility of the Army is to Pass Down Value of Peace & Harmony to Next Generations” – Commander on Army Day (10)

Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake, Commander of the Army in his message on account of the 69th Army Day (Oct 10) says the Army has to be more vigilant to sustain the hard-earned peace and national security while being fully prepared to perform any task for the best interest of the nation and to prevent re-emergence of insurgencies in our soil.

“The prime responsibility of the Army is to pass down the value of peace and harmony to next generations. The Nation looks forward towards the future with optimism as every individual in all corners of the island shares tranquillity and brotherhood in a more peaceful environment. It should be our determined intention to promote reconciliation among all irrespective of races and religions to secure economic, social and cultural values as the Army directly contributes to the Nation-building process. This peaceful environment was brought by the brave War Heroes who actively participated in humanitarian operations. The concept of ‘Strategic Corporal’ is also a novel venture that the Army is to embark on to enhance the efficiency and efficacy of the individuals and teams. These new approaches would maintain the high morale of the Army personnel”, the Commander emphasized.

Here follows the full text of his 69th Anniversary message;