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'Army Ready to Depict Sequence of Phases that Led to Prabhakaran's Death,' Says Commander

‘The Army is in the process of producing a documentary film that depicts the sequence of phases during the final hours of Prabhakaran’s death with eye-witness accounts from all ground commanders and soldiers to refute baseless accusations, emanating from certain anti-Sri Lanka quarters overseas,’ so said Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya, Commander of the Army Friday (16) afternoon when he addressed the troops serving Thunkkai 65 Division area under the Security Forces Headquarters, Kilinochchi (SFHQ-KLN).
The Army Chief, in the practice of visiting remote area formations on a regular basis with a view to assessing ground realities and matters of  service importance to the troops, arrived at the 65 Division Headquarters, just a few hours after a tour to 54 Division in Mannar for the same purpose, and initiating a project for construction of new service centres to the Army.
On arrival at Thunukkai, Lt General Jayasuriya was received by Major General Chryshantha de Silva, Commander, SFHQ-KLN, together with Brigadier W. R. P. de Silva, General Officer Commanding, 65 Division and conducted to parade ground to receive military honours.
During his address to Thunukkai troops, the Commander lamented over the behavior of some Sri Lankans in Geneva, and the latest ruse, supported by some anti-Sri Lanka NGO lobbyists. “ They now want to tell the world that Prabakaran was killed by the Army while he was in our detention. So, the Army is prepared to prove it otherwise, and depict the exact sequence of events that unfolded until up to his last moment and how he got trapped. We have all our eye witnesses with us. Since nobody queried from us on the nature of death that befell him or how he met with his Waterloo until Geneva allegations crop up, the Army has had no need to produce a documentary or any other propaganda material to that effect. But we will do that now, ” he assured.

“ To cover up all blunders, distortions and technical failures in the first production of the Channel-4, they are once again showing the same old story with a new melody,  and I don’t think the International Community would be that gullible in this instance. To cover one shameless lie, they release another concocted story. The sad part is some Sri Lankans working with NGOs are also backing their bogus claims, ” the Commander quipped.
He also appealed to the troops to maintain the highest levels of discipline in performing their duties towards the public who are now on the path to recovery and development after years of agony. The Commander during the address elaborated on the string of welfare measures that have been put into practice for all ranks in the Army and other intended projects.
Afterwards, the Commander shared a cup of tea with troops and took time off to speak to a cross section of them. He sat together with them for a group photo at the end of the interaction as a token of memory of his visit to the place.
The Commander’s next stop was to see for himself how Vettakulam Farm was being managed by the Army where cashew crops and a large variety of vegetables are grown. He exchanged a few words with the troops working on the farm before his exit from the venue.

A Guard Turn Out plus a Guard of Honour greeted the visiting Commander soon after his entry into the 65 Division Headquarters premises in accordance with military traditions. Later on, the visiting Commander was invited to receive the salute and review the parade, accompanied by the parade commander.