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Directorate Of Welfare

Directorate of welfare is the central apparatus which is responsible for the entire range of welfare projects in the Army and also the largest institute which generates funds that are used for the welfare of the troops.

The welfare fund was initially raised in 1989 with a capital of Rs. 1.5 million, contributed to it by way of membership shares, to the value of Rs. 500 each. In 1999 it was increased to Rs 1000 each. The fund initially called as “welfare fund” was renamed to call as the “welfare society fund” in 1998.


Provision of welfare facilities to serving officers and soldiers in the Army with a view to uplifting their morale and living standards.


  1. To ensure smooth functioning of existing welfare projects.
  2. To innovate new welfare schemes.

The Commander of the Army has appointed three Boards of Management Committees to manage the respective areas, such as the Welfare Society Fund, Laya Chain of Hotels and the Army Suwasahana Fund. Presidents and Members of these boards are appointed by their appointments as follows.

Welfare Society Fund

AG - President
Dir B & FM - Member
Dir Welfare - Member
Dir Legal - Member
Dir P& R - Member
Dir ES - Member
SO 1 Secretary(Dte of Welfare)

Army Suwasahana Fund

AG - President
Dir B & FM - Member
Dir P& R - Member
Dir PA - Member
Dir AMS - Member
Dir Legal - Member
Dir Welfare - Member

Laya Chain of Hotels

DCOS - President
AG - Member
MGO - Member
DGFM - Member
Dir Media - Member
Dir ES - Member
Dir Welfare - Member
Dy Dir Welfare     - Member
Head of corporate affairs - Secretary(Laya Chain of Hotels)


Responsible for taking necessary steps to enlist the children of Sri Lanka Army members to Grade One in government schools and Defence Service College in Colombo and Kurunegala on priority basis with the assistance of the MoD and the Ministry of Education.


  • Implementing the policies laid down by the AHQ and dissemination of advice /instructions received from the MoD and the Ministry of Education.
  • Collection of applications, Compilation of details, produced to the Board, appointed by the Adjutant General Branch and assisting the conduct of Boards.
  • Monitoring of the accuracy of aggregates/marks and the application selection criteria.
  • Compilation of marks and preparation of the list of names to be submitted to the MoD.
  • Collection and examine appeals/redress of grievances (ROGs) and submission of amendments to the MoD.

Eligibility of Applicants

  • Members in active service of regular and volunteer force.
  • Guardians, responsible for children of lost war heroes.
  • Disabled pensioners due to operational commitments.
  • Militarized civil employees.
  • Members who go on retirement after 31 May of the previous year of admission.
  • Members looking after legally adopted children.

Marking system of school selection criteria

Normal Service - Max 20 yrs (0.137 per day) =  1000 Max Marks
Ops Service   - Max 15 yrs (0.821 per day) =  4500 Max Marks
Medical Category Percentage  =  1000 Max Marks
Ranks =   500 Max Marks
Medals =  1500 Max Marks
Sports =  1000 Max Marks
Old Boy/Old Girl =    125 Marks
Brother/Sister =    125 Marks
Spouse (should complete 05 yrs in service) =    250 Marks
Max Total Marks =  10,000
KIA /Deceased personal while on duty(Only 15% vacancies are allocated for each school) =  10,000 Marks

Deduction of marks for those absent without leave (AWOL) are as follows;

01 day to 07 days = 100 Marks
08 days to 14 days = 200 Marks
15 days to 21 days = 300 Marks
22 days to 365 days = 500 Marks
366 days to 730 days = 750 Marks
731 days to 1095 days = 1000 Marks
Above 1096 days = 1500 Marks


All insurance matters related to the Sri Lanka Army are managed by this section. Presently 50,775 life insurance policies are maintained and no new life insurance policies, have been accommodated since 2012.

However, following special insurance requirements are accomplished with the Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation Ltd. Policy premium is paid from the Army vote.

  • Personal accident cover (tattoo/ESR troops and working parties of SLAPC)
  • Overseas travel insurance
  • Personal accident covers for explosive handlers.


Rs. 50,000.00 is paid directly to NOKs of the deceased by respective regiments from their accounts and subsequently reimbursed by the Directorate of Welfare Death Donation Fund.


This fund was raised in 2004 by deducting Rs 200.00 from all members of the Army. When an officer/solider is summoned to civil Courts for cases, related to service, they are eligible to apply for financial assistance from this Fund as legal expenses up to Rs 5 lakhs.


It is responsible for all financial transactions related to Welfare Society Fund and ensures that no deviation should take place from the authorized procedures and practices.


It is responsible for all financial transactions related to Welfare Society Fund and ensures that no deviation should take place from the authorized procedures and practices.


Conduct snap audits into any account within the Directorate as directed by the Director Welfare to ensure all accounts in all institutes under the Directorate of Welfare are maintained professionally, accurately and timely and also to ensure that no malpractices occur.


Creation and maintenance of systems for the smooth function of the network within the Directorate and affiliated institutes.

Regular updates of software and maintenance of hardware and welfare management system.


The coordination required with government institutes to accomplish under-mentioned requirements of Army members is done through this Directorate.

  • Transfers of spouses, employed in the government sector.
  • Obtaining of water/electricity facilities on priority basis.
  • Distribution of the Army welfare diary inside the organization.
  • Issue of liquor permits to the messes of the Officers, Warrant Officers and Sergeant following the approval of the Directorate of Personnel Administration.
  • Allocation of accommodation and maintenance of the Kataragama Holiday quarters.
  • Management of allocated votes for supply of amenities and newspapers to the island-wide troops.


This section is responsible for all matters, related to Army-maintained welfare shops and their administration, accounts, issue of purchasing orders and sales.

It is also responsible for carrying out market surveys, bidding for army tenders, Maintenance and proper function of the Suwasahana bus service.


Members who wish to purchase electrical and electronic items on lease purchase schemes or paying cash are provided with the facility to acquire their items from following welfare outlets across the island. Among them are;

  • Narahenpita, Colombo
  • 21 Division, Anuradhapura
  • Army Cantonment, Panagoda
  • Army Cantonment, Minneriya
  • 141 Brigade, Boossa
  • Army Cantonment,Diyatalawa
  • Combat Training School, Ampara


Facilities for five categories of loans have been provided by the Directorate of Welfare through the welfare society fund.

The loan section is responsible for selection of duly-filled applications, received from the members through Regimental Centres, confirmation of details of guarantors, recommendation of applications for the approval of the Director, maintenance of proper accounts and submission of documents to ledger section for recovery of loans, etc.

Registering and forwarding applications for Ranaviru Seva Authority loans.


With a view to improving the living standards and morale of the Army members & their family members and also to help them in emergency situations, following loan schemes have been introduced to the all ranks at a minimum interest rate of 5% supported by production of minimum documents.

Rs.50,000 - Rs.100,000 - Personal loan
Rs. 100,000 - Hire Purchase loan
Rs.300,000 - Housing loan
Rs.300,000 - Air ticket loan


This section works closely with the government to obtain state lands from different Divisional Secretariats for distribution among Army members after processing legal documents.

This section compiles all requests, made related to lands, maintain all the records and files pertaining to all lands and distributes lands among Army personnel through Directorate of Welfare. Similarly, dues for recovery of dues for such lands as well as conduct of proper accounts, related to these lands and recovery of dues.


Ibbagamuwa Pangollawatte - 195(waiting for court ruling)
Keragala Malinduwawatte - 87(in progress)


Issue of clearance to retired/KIA/AWOL and discharged Army personnel.

Recovery of welfare loan instalments and coordination with Directorate of P & R for recovery of loans.

Certification of clearance for all applications, prior to approval for welfare facilities.

Updating of computer and data system on daily basis and maintenance of all updated ledgers.


Every member of the Army in service is entitled to acquire the membership of the Army Welfare Fund, paying Rs: 1000.00 from their pay.

Membership section is responsible for maintenance of nominal roll of members, calculation of annual dividends and certification of clearance for retiring members and payment of their dividends.


Considering requirements of Army personnel attending social events such as weddings, funerals, picnics, etc, the Suwasahana bus service was introduced on concessionary rates at Rs 45 per km. Five buses located around the island as follows are now providing this service to all Army personnel, in service or retired. Those busses operate from:

Welfare Shop - Colombo
Kurunegala - RHQ VIR
Welfare shop - Diyatalawa
Welfare shop - Kandy
Welfare shop - Anuradhapura

Civil organizations can hire this Suwasahana bus service at the rate of Rs 55 per km.


The name, LAYA was derived from Sanskrit for 'Mental Tranquility', and expresses the simplicity, related to the sense of life style. Under the umbrella of “Laya Hotels”, four hotels, came into being since the ceremonial launch of the “Laya” brand on 08 November 2012. Following are those hotels.

Laya Beach - Wadduwa
Laya Leisure - Kukuleganga
Laya Safari - Yala
Laya Waves - Kalkuda

Holiday facilities are available for Army personnel at this hotel at concessionary rates as shown below. Special functions of Army personnel/units, such as wedding ceremonies, conferences, parties and get-togethers, etc are also undertaken in this hotel.

  • Food - A discount of 10% per plate under existing banquet menus and 50% discount on meals for full board accommodation.
  • Liquor - Free cockage with the approval of Director Welfare for private functions of Army personnel.
  • Accommodation - When officer or the spouse is present, 02 x rooms are allocated at 50% & 25% discounts respectively.

Following concessions are provided

  • Food- 50 % discount Buffet Menus.
  • Accommodation - 50% discount on cottages for all members.
  • 59 x Cottages are available.

i. Triple Cottages. - 17 + (VIP)
ii. Double Cottages.  - 16
iii. Single Cottages.   - 26

Concessions are as follows:

  • 02 x rooms provided at 50% & 25% discounts respectively.
  • 10 x cabanas are available. (02 x rooms & one attic in a cabana)

Special concessions are available to Army personnel and details can be obtained from the hotel.


This is a unique package which provides better and attractive benefits to Army members and it appears more lucrative when compared with other civil and service insurance schemes outside, with a mere premium of Rs. 500.00 per month.

Death 750,000.00
Total Permanent Disability 500,000.00
Partial Permanent Disability 500,000.00
Critical Illness 600,000.00
Death 500,000.00
Critical Illness 600,000.00
Death 50,000.00
Critical Illness 600,000.00
Birth 10,000.00
Hospitalization/Health Benefits for Family Unit
In patient Department - Medical (Including Ayruvedic) 50,000.00
In patient Department - Surgical 150,000.00

Maturity Benefits

  • If the member makes no claims till the age of 70 yrs, the member will receive back the total amount of the premium that has been paid by the member.
  • If the member has claimed less than the total amount of the premium, the member will receive back the remaining balance at the age of 70 yrs.

Profit Share

50% of the annual profit will be divided among the members who have contributed to the membership uninterruptedly during the year.


Married Members :
a. Members up to age of 70 yrs.
b. Spouse up to age of 70 yrs.
c. Children up to age 21 yrs. (unmarried, unemployed)

* Age limit is not applicable for children who need special assistance.

Unmarried Members :
a. Member up to age of 70 yrs.
b. Parents. (Age unlimited).

* Among Army personnel as per their requirements.