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Photo Stories

  • ‘Poppy Day’ Remembrance Begins

    19th October 2016 20:04:48 Hours

    Precursor to the forthcoming World Poppy Day that recollects memories of world-wide fallen War Heroes, the Sri Lanka Ex- Servicemen’s Association, the prime mover behind commemorative arrangements inaugurated the project this afternoon (19) by pinning the first Poppy flower....

  • ‘Army Para Games - 2016’ Draws to a Close with New Game Records

    15th October 2016 00:00:03 Hours

    The year’s pinnacle of pride for differently-able War Heroes, the 19th ‘Sri Lanka Army Para Games - 2016’ tournament that assembled more than 250 athletes to one ground, drew to an impressive close at Diyagama Stadium Friday (14) evening, providing an impetus to the entire community of differently-able War Heroes and all others in society.

  • War Heroes’ Contribution Further Recognized; Land Blocks & New Houses Distributed

    12th October 2016 16:06:20 Hours

    780 more newly-built houses, partly-funded new houses and land plots for War Heroes under the 'Ranaviru Abhimanata Sathviru Urumaya’ Housing Scheme of the Ministry of Defence were formally vested with family members of fallen War Heroes, disabled War Heroes and a section of serving War Heroes during a ceremony at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute this morning (12) under the patronage of HE the President Maithripala Sirisena, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

  • New MoD Project Recruits First Batch of Retired Service Personnel as Technicians

    11th October 2016 17:38:40 Hours

    In another epoch-making welfare measure, launched for the benefit of retired service personnel with technical knowhow, President Maithripala Sirisena presented letters of appointment to retired 50 service personnel for employment as technicians in the state sector during a ceremony at the Presidential Secretariat on Tuesday (11).

  • Military Parades & Ceremonials Mark Army Day & 67th Anniversary

    10th October 2016 11:42:54 Hours

    Sri Lanka Army, the saviour of the Nation, and now, the most-sought service provider of the country, marked its 67th Anniversary and the Army Day Monday (10) morning during a colourful parade at Panagoda cantonment grounds.

  • World-Renowned Sri Lanka Army Turns 67 Years

    09th October 2016 22:00:50 Hours

    Sri Lanka Army, the country's most sought service provider and the pride of the Nation that boasts unmatched achievements turns 67th years of age on Monday (Oct 10) which is also regarded as the Army Day.

  • Offer of Alms to Monks Culminates Anniversary Religious Ceremonies

    09th October 2016 12:30:48 Hours

    The follow-up of the previous night’s Pirith chanting ceremony at Panagoda Sri Bodhirajaramaya took place Sunday (9) forenoon where members of the Maha Sangha were offered both Heel Daana and alms in the noon.

  • Final Religious Segment at Panagoda Bodhirajaramaya Invokes Blessings

    08th October 2016 20:27:22 Hours

    The series of religious ceremonies, held on account of the Army Day (October 10) and the Army 67th Anniversary in the year 2016, entered its final phase this evening (8) with an all-night Pirith chanting ceremony, organized by the Army Buddhist Association at Sri Bodhirajaramaya, Panagoda (Army temple).

  • Army Flags Flutter in Kirivehera & Kataragama Sacred Precincts

    07th October 2016 19:47:46 Hours

    Hundreds of flag-carrying representative Officers and Other Rankers of the Army Friday (7) evening joined devotees at Kataragama Kirivehera and Devala precincts where the symbolic Army flag blessing ceremony on account of the forthcoming 67th Army Anniversary and.....

  • Christian Service Invokes Blessings on the Army’s Forward-March

    06th October 2016 20:00:57 Hours

    The special Christian service, one more segment of the series of multi-religious ceremonies, organized in connection with the forthcoming 67th Army Anniversary and Army Day (October 10), blessed the forward-march of the organization during a solemn ceremony, held this afternoon (6) at All Saints’ Church, Borella.