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Pakistan Army Chief's Gift Enables SLMA To Promote Equestrian Training Skills

Student officers at the country’s most hallowed Sri Lanka Army Military Academy (SLMA) at Diyatalawa are to commence training in equestrian skills shortly as an additional curriculum following a recent request, made to his counterpart in Pakistan by the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya.

Receipt of six horses of high breed a few days ago to the SLMA,  became a reality when Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya, himself a former SLMA Commandant, referred this specific need of the institute to the earnest attention of Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff when the latter was attending a Passing-out Parade at the SLMA several months ago as the Chief Guest.

Since the inception of the Army some 64 years ago, the SLMA, with its array of academic subjects, has so far gifted a fine assortment of fully-fledged military officers to the nation whose multifarious prowess has hitherto remained unchallenged, be it in warfare or otherwise. However, absence of equestrian training for officers at SLMA, compared to similar courses in  other world-wide military institutes, has  remained a lacuna in the curricula at the SLMA, although horses are no longer used for warfare, but in military ceremonials, like the Passing out Parades, state ceremonies, etc.

Lieutenant General Jayasuriya, keen on uplifting the SLMA in all its spheres, ensured  this pioneering seat of military academy be elevated to be in line with international standards, adding a number of new structural wings and subjects of contemporary studies and other curricula of special relevance to the Army’s post-conflict commitments, designed for nation-building tasks in the past few years.

Throughout the history, mules and donkeys as well as horses, providing support to the armies in the field, played formidable roles, but the cavalry began to be phased out after the World War I in favour of tank warfare, although a few cavalry units, were still used during the World War II, especially as scouts.  As of today, almost all battle cavalry units have disappeared, although many nations still maintain small units of mounted riders for patrol and reconnaissance, ceremonials and other educational purposes.

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