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07th June 2021 15:03:05 Hours

SRIMED-2 Medical Teams in South Sudan Attend to Serious Cases

Sri Lankan Level-2 (SRIMED-2) hospital in South Sudan, equipped with two aero-medical evacuation teams, a medical team, and one operation theatre at Bor in South Sudan have effectively conducted emergency operations and have transferred five serious cases from Bor to Juba and two cases from Bor to Entebbe since last November.

All those surgical emergencies, medical emergencies were done while taking care of complicated COVID-19 positive cases among the patients.

Accordingly, SRIMED's Air Medical Evacuation teams (AMET) have successfully contributed to MEDIVAC and CASEVAC within the mission and outside the mission in South Sudan,

Prior to deployment in South Sudan, SRIMED's medical officers, nurses and para medics were trained for air medical evacuation under the direct supervision of qualified emergency care specialists in Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps and Sri Lanka Air Force at a military hospital in Colombo.