Sri Lanka Army

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14th July 2023 00:51:33 Hours

SLFPC & INDBATT in Lebanon Jointly Conduct Sniffer Dog Training Exercise

With the intention of enhancing mutual cooperation and understanding among friendly nations, a two-day long ‘K-9 Joint Training Exercise’ using sniffer dogs and their handlers was launched at the Indian Battalion (INDBATT) in Sector East and Sri Base camp premises of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) HQ, Naqoura Lebanon during 6-9 July.

The joint guidance of Colonel Bhupendra Singh Gusain, Contingent Commander of INDBATT 24 and Lieutenant Colonel D.P.L.T Kaluaggala RSP USP, Contingent Commander of 14th Sri Lanka Force Protection Company (SLFPC) enabled the conduct of the Exercise.

The Exercise exposed service dogs in both battalions to different locations for familiarization with changing scenarios and ensured the best interoperability between K-9 dog handlers of both INDBATT and SLFPC camps.

One explosive detection dog and one guard dog from the INDBATT 24 and 04 Explosive Detection dogs from the SLFPC demonstrated their special capabilities during this joint training Exercise. Inspiring performances of the dogs, such as the finding of the flag with the UN logo, challenging jumps through blazing fire rings, hurdle jumps, rescue of a person, attack against a suspect on handler's command, sniffing narcotics, etc.

Similarly, 04 sniffer dogs of the SLFPC K-9 section excelled showing their congenital intelligence, aptitude, endurance and temperament. Both contingent members had a chance to exchange their knowledge on different training methodologies.

Afterwards, a lecture session was delivered by Lieutenant Colonel A. Aneesh, the main coordinator of the training Exercise, Veterinary doctor and Detachment Commander of INDBATT Remount Veterinary Corps (RVC) to the participants. He imparted knowledge on kennel management, Dog Handling and basic first aid for dogs. Further, Lieutenant Colonel Aneesh closely examined the health of all dogs of the SLFPC in the K-9 Section.

At the conclusion of the day's programme, all participants were awarded certificates. The Contingent Commander of the 14th SLFPC, Officer-in- Charge of the K-9 section of the SLFPC, Captain D.M.S.M Dissanayake along with dog handlers attended the occasion.