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22nd May 2023 21:43:15 Hours

Retiring MIR Senior Officer Receives Commander’s Greetings

Major General L.S Balachandra RSP of the Mechanized Infantry Regiment (MIR), former Chief Executive Officer at Nelum Pokuna Theatre on the eve of his retirement arrived at the office of the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Vikum Liyanage RWP RSP ndu on Monday (22), together with his family members on invitation.

The Army Chief during the meeting with the retiree, commended him for his valuable service and performance of diverse responsibilities with dedicated commitment and selflessness. He also refreshed memories of the retiree’s invaluable sacrifices and roles during the height of the war against terrorism as an Infantry Officer before May 2009.

Major General L. S Balachandra RSP, having served the Army for more than 35 years thanked the Army Commander in return for the invitation and expressed his gratitude for the guidance the Commander extended to him during his tenure of office as the Chief Executive Officer at Nelum Pokuna Theatre.

The Army Chief while sharing a few pleasantries with his family members invited to the occasion, also inquired into the retiring Senior Officer’s future plans. The Army Chief simultaneously commended the invaluable support that has been given to the Senior Officer by his family members throughout while the retiring Senior Officer was engaged in operations to safeguard the motherland being away from home.

Towards the end of the interactions, Lieutenant General Vikum Liyanage RWP RSP ndu awarded a special memento to the retiring Senior Officer as a symbol of appreciation and commendation, along with a special gift to the family.

Major General L.S Balachandra RSP enlisted in the Sri Lanka Army on 20 July 1987. Upon successful completion of basic military training in the Sri Lanka Military Academy in the Intake-29, he was commissioned in the rank of Second Lieutenant and posted to the Gajaba Regiment, and afterwards he was posted to the Mechanized Infantry Regiment. He was promoted to the rank of Major General on 04 February 2023.

He was holding the office of the Chief Executive Officer at Nelum Pokuna Theatre at the time of his retirement. He also held the appointments of platoon Commander, Company Commander, Officer instructor of Army Training School, Squadron Commander at Kotelawala Defence University, Brigade Major of 534 Infantry Brigade, Staff Officer 2 (Supply and Maintenance) of 21 Infantry Division, Commanding Officer of 3 Mechanized Infantry Regiment, Officiating Centre Commandant Regimental Centre of the Mechanized Infantry Regiment, Staff Officer 1 of Army School of Logistics, Colonel (General Staff) of 55 Infantry Division, Officiating Commander of 653 Infantry Brigade, and Commander of Mechanized Infantry Brigade.

For his bravery and gallantry in the battlefields, he has been awarded the ‘Rana Sura Padakkama’.

Major General L.S Balachandra RSP followed many local and foreign courses in his military career such as, Platoon Commanders’ Course, Regimental Signal Officers’ Course, Battalion Support Weapon Officers’ Course, Special Operation Platoon Course, Young Officers’ Course (Pakistan), Junior Command Course (India), United Nations Military Contingent Officers’ Course (India) and Infantry Battalion Commander Course (China).