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06th May 2020 20:45:08 Hours

Public Urged to be at Home During Vesak Season - Head of NOCPCO

The routine Media interaction at the National Operation Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak (NOCPCO) at Rajagiriya took place this afternoon (6), presided by Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva, Head of the (NOCPCO), Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army and Attorney-at Law Ajith Rohana, Deputy Inspector General of Police.

"A total of about 206 more individuals, including students and state officials were flown to Sri Lanka early this morning (6) from London by a Sri Lankan Flight and they all were taken to tri service-managed Quarantine Centres (QCs) for quarantine process. Likewise, another group of 190 students and state officials from Singapore are expected to land here this evening (6).

127 individuals who underwent quarantining at Army-managed Punani and Kandakadu QCs after conduct of PCR tests on them left for their residences today (6) with Quarantine Certificates. By today (6), a total of 5188 quarantined individuals from tri service-managed Quarantine Centres (QC) have left for their homes. As of now, 4819 persons are still in quarantine in island-wide 39 QCs, run by tri services. By today (6), heroic sailors of the Navy confirmed positive to the COVID-19 virus stood at 342 in total. It is noted that not a single infected person outside the Navy camp was detected as such after 30 April.

From tomorrow (7), curfew will come into effect throughout the country and the public are expected to spend the government declared Vesak period, confined to their houses, similar to how they spent during the previous Sinhala New Year period, "Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva urged.


Total No of quarantined individuals up to-date - 5188

Total No of individuals still in quarantine - 4819

No of QCs - 39

Here follows the video footage: