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04th October 2020 00:42:09 Hours

NOCPCO Seeks Possibilities for Group Tourism

One more routine session of the Task Force of the National Operation Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak (NOCPCO), chaired by Head of the NOCPCO, Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva got underway this afternoon (2), attended by Medical Specialist and Acting Director General of Health Services, Dr S. Shridharan and a handful of experts and other stakeholders at Rajagiriya NOCPCO.

The meeting assessed the status quo, re-visited the updates, possible new clusters and overviewed the overall picture of the epidemic in the country. Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva welcomed the members of the NOCPCO Task Force and guests at first, and stated the purpose behind the meeting. Discussions centered on the status of repatriation process and costs, incurred in each repatriation and procedures of those arrivals under proper authority.

Meanwhile, the meeting discussed two previous incidents, related to the Cabin Crew of Russian Flight and the Indian Oil Tanker, how they occurred and what were the strategies taken to neutralize the situation, methods and lessons learnt, etc.

Afterwards, the stakeholders discussed the arrivals of expatriates. It was highlighted that around 50,000 expatriates were taken to the country and almost 7000 are at tri-forces-managed QCs.

They further discussed the opening of the airport with PCR tests in place for long term tourism and short term tourism. The meeting was told that the tourists would be welcomed as a group and that they would stay in a selected hotel for 14 days for quarantining and allow them to proceed under identified destinations..

Afterwards, the stakeholders discussed some unpleasant situations that occurred due to bad hotel management activities and decisions were taken to prevent such sort of matters immediately.

Meanwhile, it was discussed to arrange an operational guideline for local and foreign tourism together with best action plans.

Subsequently, they discussed ways and means to promote group tourism with selected destinations within COVID 19 affected countries through direct flights without transits.