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17th January 2021 14:23:19 Hours

MIC Regimental Centre Infrastructure Boosted Inaugurating its Training School's Main Building

Expansion of the new infrastructural development of the 'Home of Military Intelligence' and formal inauguration of the well-equipped main building of the Military Intelligence Training School inside the Military Intelligence Corps (MIC) Regimental Headquarters compound at Karandeniya came to fruition after months of hard work and was ceremonially declared open this morning (15) by none other than the Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army, General Shavendra Silva, participating as the day's Chief Guest.

Seconds after General Shavendra Silva's entry into the premises, a ceremonial drive-past Guard Turnout greeted him in accordance with military traditions before Major General Shantha Hewavitharana, Colonel Commandant of the Regiment of Military Intelligence Corps (MIC) and Quarter Master General (QMG) at the Army Headquarters welcomed him at the main entrance to the Home of Military Intelligence. Symbolic of the significance, attached to the VIP's presence, a colourfully-dressed MIC soldiers afterwards presented a Guard of Honour salute to the visiting General Shavendra Silva after he reviewed the parade with the parade commander.

The Chief Guest was then invited to plant a Mango sapling in the compound as a gesture of his visit to the location and sat to receive a compehensive briefing on MIC roles and the new curricular outlook in the new MIC Training School which would in the long run attract even foreign military trainees. The day's Chief Guest who was also the conceptual heavyweight behind realization of the entrire project at Karandeniya unveiled a plaque and warmed the new training school building before he, together with Senior Officers, had a close look at it.

The brief ceremony after a while invited the day's Chief Guest to address the gathering after welcome remarks were delivered by the Colonel Commandant, MIC and a separate presentation, made by Colonel Praboda Siriwardena, Commandant at the MIC Training School followed. A group photograph plus signing of the MIC visitors' book by the day's Chief Guest and award of a special memento to the day's Chief Guest brought the day's proceedings to end.

The Army Intelligence Unit, founded as a small intelligence group in Gurunagar, Jaffna in 1981 was later raised as the Military Intelligence Corps (MIC) on June 28, 1990 in the best interests of the country in accordance with accepted military provisions at international level. Its Regimental HQ was afterwards established on 25 January 1993 and has eight units, themed on ' Nena Rana Jaya' (Battlefield Victory with Intelligence) motto and its Military Intelligence Training School, functional as a parallel training establishment.

The Military Intelligence Training School as a formal entity was temporarily set up in Pelawatta area, Matugama on 10 February 2009 but it was afterwards shifted to the MIC Regimental HQ in Karandeniya on 18 May 2020 on an initiative taken by the incumbent Commander of the Army after it was formally put up inside a 7-acre land, adjacent to the MIC Regiment Center to be in line with the Army Operational Rehabilitation Plan. As at present, the MIC Training School trains not only all ranks on intelligence in the Army, but also members of the Sri Lanka Air Force, Sri Lanka Navy, Sri Lanka Police, Sri Lanka Customs, Prisons Department and Sri Lanka Ports Authority. The first building of the new facility complex, opened today (15) would further expand possibilities for enhancement of such training modules for different stakeholders .

The entire project when completed would provide a two-storied study building, a three-storied student accommodation building, a senior NCOs' accommodation building, plus another two storied accommodation building for all NCOs of the MIC under training. In future, plans are afoot to construct the new officers' Mess, NCOs' two- storied barracks, the auditorium and the welfare building inside the complex.

Senior officers and other ranks were present at the occasion.