Sri Lanka Army

Defenders of the Nation

24th December 2018 22:13:42 Hours

Merry Christmas & Season’s Compliments !

Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake, Commander of the Army, all Officers, Other Ranks and members of the Civil Staff wish all our readers around the world a Merry X’mas !

Here follows the Commander’s Christmas Message;

Together with all Christians celebrating Christmas world-wide, I too wish to extend my warm greetings to all Christians serving the Sri Lanka Army.

The most hallowed birth of Jesus Christ, the prince of peace, revered by millions of Christians is a phenomenal occurrence in the history of mankind. Not only were the Heaven and the Earth, which rejoiced at the birth of Prince Jesus, but also the whole of the Nature since His birthplace itself were a shelter of infinite redress for both poor shepherds and the kings alike.

Christmas that signifies the birth of a celebrated great personage, like Jesus Christ who had throughout his life, remained dedicated to show the path to peace, social equality and the liberation through reconciliation, provides an exemplary direction to the world for dawn of a far better world.

“Love towards everybody” was one main principle that was administered by Lord Jesus Christ. Accordingly, this great personage, irrespective of human divisions, like, race, religion, creed or colour treated the world equally and wished for the eternal peace and co-existence to prevail uninterrupted. This noble exemplary message generally communicates during the times of Christmas for build-up of a human society, founded on brotherhood, speaks of its great importance to all Sri Lankans.

During the process of fostering a community, endowed with values of mutual understanding and bonded cooperation, your contribution as the Christian community is accordingly of special importance. At this point of time, I expect your full cooperation for the sake of the country’s future prosperity as well as the sustainable peace and uninterrupted reconciliation moves. I wish the dawn of this phenomenal event would usher in a meaningful Christmas, in which the message of peace and fellowship could be shared with one another in true spirits. Let Christmas bring peace and happiness to all of you !