Sri Lanka Army

Defender of the Nation

07th August 2019 13:06:20 Hours

Colombo Defence Seminar - 2019


1. ‘Colombo Defence Seminar - 2019’ Begins on Thursday for 9th Consecutive Year

2. 9th Colombo Defence Seminar - 2019 Ceremonially Begins to Broaden Horizons of Intellectual Connectivity

3. “Success Depends on How Best Information is Received & Processed,”- Commander of the Army

4. “This Forum Shall Reflect a Clear Consensus of Interdependencies & Common Security Concerns,” - Defence Secretary

5. “Modern War Has Neither Start Date or End Date” - Keynote Address

6. Understanding Contemporary Security Landscape Requires a Nuanced Awareness - Dr. Shannon A. Brown

7. Independent Researcher Recommends Policy Guidelines for Asia-Pacific

8. “IS Wants to Operate from Where They Are” Says Visiting Researcher

9. “Establish Council for Islamic Scholars to Provide Guidance in Countering Extremist Ideologies” - Research Fellow

10. ‘Leading US Psychologists Commend Sri Lanka’s Rehabilitation & De-radicalization Projects’ - Pakistan Researcher

11. “Rise of Terrorist Movements & Countering, a Common Concern” - Prof. Hashim

12. Russian Delegate Talks of Electromagnetic Devices

13. Policy Analyst from Geneva Touches on Artificial Intelligence & Autonomous Weapons Systems

14. “Recovery Measures after a Disaster Provides Significant Scope for Development” - Major General (Retd) Muniruzzaman

15. Romanian Expert Touches on ‘Military Readiness and Sustainable Development’

16. Refugee Flows, One of the Major Issues - Dr Chowdhury

17. “Military Preparedness Requires Constant Re-assessments & Re-adjustment” - Dr Schnabel

18. Complexities, Arising from Militarization of Space Discussed

19. Curtains Come Down on 9th ‘Colombo Defence Seminar - 2019’ Inspiring more Thoughtful Insights on ‘Terrorism’

20. Foreign Secretary Aryasinha says Post 21/4 a ‘litmus test’ for Sri Lanka in protecting human rights while fighting terrorism

21. Synopsis of Seminar Outcome Presented by Four Major Groups

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