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11th May 2020 20:52:28 Hours

'Brave Sailors Continue to Perform their National Duty against COVID-19'- NOCPCO Head

The routine Media interaction at the National Operation Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak (NOCPCO) at Rajagiriya took place this afternoon (11), headed by Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva, Head of the (NOCPCO), Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army

"A total of 274 more individuals were flown to Sri Lanka early last morning (10) from Melbourne and another group of 178 individuals from Malaysia by Sri Lankan Flights. They all were taken to tri service-managed Quarantine Centres (QCs) for quarantine process. Likewise, another large group of 479 individuals from Chennai, India are expected to land here tomorrow evening (12).

279 individuals who underwent quarantining at tri service-managed Punani (94), Iranamadu (175 ) and Nipuna (10) Quarantine Centres after conduct of PCR tests on them left for their residences today (11) with Quarantine Certificates.

By today (11), a total of 7391 quarantined individuals from tri service-managed Quarantine Centres (QC) have left for their homes. As of now, 3805 persons are still in quarantine in island-wide 39 QCs, run by tri services.

Certain website stories carrying false information and stories claim that the Navy has desisted from conducting COVID-19 eradication work. Although a certain number of heroic sailors were infected by this virus, the rest of brave sailors are still actively continuing their national duty of eradicating this virus from our soil, please be informed.

Duties in all state and private sector offices resumed this morning (11), subjected to health guidelines that have been issued, particularly for Colombo and Gampaha districts where curfew is in force. Likewise, in the past few weeks detailed instructions have been issued with strategic operational guidelines in terms of workforce and health guidelines in respective places of work. It is therefore expected that all heads of institutes would strictly stick to those health guidelines. While keeping social distancing and following health guidelines, all those reporting for work should ensure that they would not fall victim to COVID-19 epidemic," Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva reminded.


Total No of Quarantined Individuals up to date : 7391

Total No of Individuals Still in Quarantine : 3805

No of QCs : 39