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Published on - 9/23/2003

Bangladesh and Canadian diplomats meet SF authorities in Jaffna

Ahigh-level Canadian delegation was in Jaffna during this weekend (20 September 2003), as part of their itinerary connected to a visit to the northeast of Sri Lanka. The delegation, led by Sri Lanka\'s High Commissioner for Canada Ms. V Raymond, Adviser on Political and Economic affairs, Ms. Elizabeth Jones and Mr. Joe William, Adviser for Development, met Deputy Security Forces Commander in Jaffna, Major General D. Rathnasabhapathy where the delegation was briefed on the current security situation in the peninsula.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka\'s High Commissioner for Bangladesh Mr. A. M Yacoob on Sunday (21) arrived at Palaly airport as part of his tour to the north of Sri Lanka. On arrival, he was welcomed by Colonel D.M.D Alwis and conducted to the Security Forces Headquarters in Jaffna. Major General D. Rathnasabhapathy, Deputy Security Forces Commander in Jaffna, during his meet with the visiting delegate, briefed him on the security situation. Delegates upon completion of their visit to several other places flew back to Colombo.