Sri Lanka Army

Defenders of the Nation

10th April 2019 13:29:45 Hours

'Angampora' Martial Art Trg Takes Root in SFHQ-KLN Premises as a Separate Village

‘Angampora’ a martial art that dates back to the times of Sri Lankan royalties with more than 9500 years of history, which has been locally used as a particular self-defensive fighting technique, endowed with different characteristics, such as astrology, meditation, medical methods, sorcery, illusory tricks, etc made its entry into the Security Force Headquarters, Kilinochchi, thanks to a concept proposed by Major General Niyshshanka Ranawana when he was holding the appointment of Commander, Security Forces Kilinochchi with the blessings of Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake, Commander of the Army.

Major General G.Vijitha Ravipriya, the incumbent Commander, Security Forces– Kilinochchi, adding more feathers and facilities to the training of martial arts proposed the construction of a separate Angampora village within the SFHQ-KLN premises to suit ancestral practices in olden times. Further, the Security Force Headquarters-Kilinochchi under the instructions of the Commander of the Army were to take all necessary steps to continue with training of soldiers, interested in this martial art in order to preserve this art as Sri Lankan heritage. Initial work to this effect is now underway.