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9 SLA Troops with Outside Help Provide Shelter to Deserving Family

9 Sri Lanka Artillery (SLA) troops of the 233 Infantry Brigade of the 23 Infantry Division with sponsorship, provided by the private donor, Mr. Wishva Udara Alaharuwan, contributed their labour and technical assistance in order to build a new house for a deserving family in Kolakanawadiya, Welikanda area.

The new house was warmed on 10 April 2023 during a simple ceremony in the presence of Major General S. R. K Hettiarachchi RWP RSP VSV USP ndu psc, Commander, Security Forces - East a simple ceremony.

The beneficiaries, Mr W Ravindra and his family members along with two children, residing at Kolakanawadiya, Welikanda received the keys from the day’s Chief Guest for the opening, Major General S R K Hettiarachchi RWP RSP VSV USP ndu psc, Commander Security Forces - East.

Towards the end of the house-warming formalities, the Chief Guest gifted a few home appliances, a stock of dry ration packets and school accessories to the beneficiaries.

The project was coordinated by Mr. Prasad Lokubalasooriya at the request of the Security Force HQ - East after the poor plight of the family was brought to the notice of the troops serving the area where the family has been living.

9 SLA troops provided workforce and technical assistance for construction of the house under the close supervision of Brigadier R. W. K Hewage RWP RSP, Commander, 233 Infantry Brigade and Lieutenant Colonel M. I. S Chandrakumara USP psc IG, Commanding Officer of 9 SLA.

The General Officer Commanding, 23 Infantry Division, Senior Officers, Mr. Prasad Lokubalasooriya, coordinator for the sponsorship and relatives of the beneficiaries were also present during the event.