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03rd June 2024 13:27:28 Hours

3 Sri Lanka National Guard Troops Prevent Potential Flooding in Athpitiya

Under the directions of the General Officer Commanding of the 12 Infantry Division, Major General C.S Munasinghe WWV RWP RSP USP ndc psc IG, 3 Sri Lanka National Guard troops engaged in a cleaning endeavour on 02 June 2024, supervised by the Commander of the 122 Infantry Brigade, Colonel K.H.M.U.B Kolongahapitiya USP. The operation aimed to address the issue caused by heavy rainfall, which resulted in the sluice gates of Athpitiya Anicut becoming obstructed with solid waste.

The prompt and efficient actions of the troops were crucial in successfully removing these materials, thus preventing potential flooding that would have severely impacted in Athpitiya, Valasmulla area.

The timely intervention by the 3 Sri Lanka National Guard troops averted heavy damage to the area, demonstrating the Army's commitment to safeguarding the wellbeing of local communities in the face of natural challenges.