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  • How The War was Won - Army Media Played a Critical Role

    SHAMINDRA Ferdinando documents the history of the current phase of the military campaign that has boxed the LTTE to a small sliver of territory on the Mullaitivu coast.Last Thursday’s bloody battle at Anandapuram on the eastern flank brought an end to organized LTTE resistance in the Puthukkudiyirippu area in the Mullaitivu district. The 58 Division troops had fought their way into heavily defended Anandapuram after 53 and 55 Divisions sealed off the area the previous day. The latest loss of territory would thwart any attempt on the part of the LTTE to hold off the army outside the civilian safety zone on the Mullaitivu coast....

  • They Pass Out After Learning Tamil

    More than 1018 soldiers who underwent Tamil language training at Bharatipuram Army Advanced Infantry Training School passed out on Tuesday (21) during a simple ceremony. Those other rankers, selected from Divisions, Brigades and Units successfully followed the Tamil Language Course on the instructions of the Security Forces Headquarters - Kilinochchi (SFHQ-KLN).
  • Army Weight-Lifters Win All-Island Championship

    Sri Lanka Army weight-lifters won the overall National Championship (men’s) at the recent All-Island Shakthi Weight-Lifting Tournament, held at Wadduwa Vijaya Kumarathunga auditorium, beating eight more rival teams.  Accordingly, Sri Lanka Army participants in (59 kg), (66 kg), (74 kg) and (120 + kg) secured 4 Gold medals, making 5 new National Records.
  • Troops Recover more LTTE Items from North & East

    NORTH & EAST: ARMY troops serving in the general areas of VISUAMADU, PARAYANAKULAM, PARANTHAN, MURUSAMODDAI, PUTHUKKUDDIYIRUPPU, KUPPUKULAM and UDAYARKATTUKULAM conducted search and clear operations in those areas and recovered two claymore mines, fourteen hand grenades, twelve anti personnel mines, two Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG), two 81 mm mortar bombs, six 60 mm mortar bombs, two T-56 weapons, three T-56 magazines, fifty-eight Improvised Explosive Devices (IED).....

  • Now Drought-Hit Jaffna People Given Water

    Drought that prevails in the North Central Province has now spread its wings to the Northern Province in Jaffna since the average rainfalls have not come as anticipated. Taking stock of the entire situation, the Security Force Headquarters - Jaffna (SFHQ-J) has immediately launched a project to supply water to.......
  • SFHQ-West Organized-Cardiology Clinic Treat Nikaweratiya People

    Security Force Headquarters-West (SFHQ-West) organized a medical clinic on Cardiac complications for the benefit of the people in Nikaweratiya area, with the assistance from Asiri Surgical Hospital, at Nikaweratiya Jayathi Maha Vidyalaya on Thursday(30) under the directions of Major General U.A.B Medawala, Commander, SFHQ-West.

  • Bill to Appoint Chief of Defence Staff

    PRIME MINISTER Ratnasiri Wickramanayake yesterday presented a Bill to Parliament to appoint a Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) who shall be responsible for the coordination of activities between the Armed Forces and the Defence Ministry and for the establishment of the Committee of the CDS. The President will appoint the CDS from among the persons presently serving as the Army Commander, the Navy Commander or the Air Force Commander as the case may be, the Bill said.

  • Paris Temple Attacked

    SRI LANKAS main Buddhist temple in Paris, France was attacked by suspected LTTE supporters on Sunday evening, said a spokesman from the foreign ministry. He said a group of seven masked men had arrived at around 7.00 pm on Sunday and smashed the windows of the temple. The Chief Monk of the temple, the Ven. Paravahera Chandraratane Thero, and another monk had been present at the time, but no one had been hurt. On the same evening, a group of Sri Lankan Buddhists had held Vesak celebrations at the temple --   including a ‘Dansela’.

  • More Army Personnel Qualify in Computer Technology

    A group of 40 woman soldiers, along with fellow soldiers after successful completion of the Computer Course, conducted by Orient Academy (Pvt) Ltd as the second phase of the training programme, received their merit certificates during a brief ceremony on Sunday (17). The course, initiated by Security Forces Headquarters, Kilinochchi with the intention of improving computer knowledge....
  • Risking Own Lives, Two War Heroes Rescue Infant, Sivakumar Sindujan from Agrarian Well in Kilinochchi

    In spite of grave risks, posed to their own lives, two War Heroes of the 3 Gajaba Regiment of the 574 Brigade of the Security Force Headquarters - Kilinochchi, in what could be considered as an adventure of the highest nature and incredibility,  rescued the precious life of the one and half year old infant, Sivakumar Sindujan who fell into an agrarian well (vaga linda) of 25 ft deep in the general area of Mankulam in Kilinochchi, hours after the International Children's Day was over in the area.