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  • London-based Sri Lankans Protest Against LTTE Terrorism

    SRI LANKANS LIVING in UK held a massive protest demonstration in front of Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London on 25 August. This was organized by the London branch of Campaign Against Separatist Terrorism In Sri Lanka (CASTIS). CASTIS is represented by all major political parties and other Sri Lankan civil societies to campaign against separatist terrorism in Sri Lanka, a report from the UK confirmed.
  • STF Recovers Claymore Mine

    AMPARA: ONE CLAYMORE MINE LAID by LTTE in VINAYAGAPURAM area, was recovered by Special Task Force (STF) personnel on foot patrol Saturday (02) at about 6.00 a.m.
  • Jaffna Commander Visits Muhamalai FDL

    Commander, Security Forces Headquarters Jaffna Major General G. A Chandrasiri visited the Forward Defence Line at Muhamalai on Monday (28) to review the current security arrangements in the area. Muhamalai Forward Defence Line has been under LTTE attack and troops resisted successfully.
  • Eminent Lawyers Slam SLMM For Its 'False' Report

    SRI LANKA'S TWO EMINENT and most respected senior lawyers, in a comprehensive legal analysis of the evidence that related to the murder of 17 Aid Workers of the French NGO, Action Against Hunger in Muttur strongly criticize the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) report which held the Security Forces responsible for the killing.
  • Commander Vows To Wipe Out Terrorism

    COMMANDER OF THE ARMY Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka, in an interview given to the weekend newspaper “Lanka” has vowed to wipe out LTTE terrorism.
  • New DGGS Major General Wijesooriya assumes office

    The Army\'s newly-appointed Director General, General Staff, Major General D. S. K Wijesooriya took his office Tuesday (24) morning at the Army Headquarters, Colombo after a very brief ceremony.
  • LTTE Continue To Silence Dissenting Voices

    NORTH & EAST: DISSENTING VOICES OF THE PUBLIC are continuing to be penalized by Tamil Tiger terrorists in BATTICALOA and JAFFNA as disguised terrorists secretly enter houses and silence dissenters with the barrel of guns.
  • Wheelchair tennis tournament Vijayabahu soldiers show colours

    It was a show of strength, self-confidence, courage and commitment. Undeterred by negativities that befell their precious lives during the times of the gruesome warfare that claimed vital limbs of thousands of troops of the Armed Forces, the wheelchair-ridden Tennis players of the Sri Lanka Army once again showed their colours at Sri Lanka Tennis Courts, Colombo 7.
  • Eight More IDPs Arrive in Cleared Areas

    WELIOYA: EIGHT INTERNALLY Displaced Persons (IDPs) from MULLAITHIVU areas reached the troops in PULMODDAI on Saturday (2) around 7.30 a.m. seeking protection against LTTE atrocities in un-cleared areas.