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  • Bruce Fein: Staunch Opponent of Tigers in 2004, Zealous Defender in 2008-”How Come?

    BRUCE FEIN, a lobbyist with credentials from Harvard University, is openly soliciting money to get the Tiger terrorists deproscribed. In an advertisement written for the Bruce Fein Project he markets himself in his website as one who \"is uniquely gifted and experienced to give expression to the Tamils' grievances in the corridors of power in Washington and electronic and print media\" and also that he is \"well versed in the oppression that afflicts the Tamils under the current Government and their legitimate aspirations for a separate state after grim decades of pervasive and odious discrimination.\"
  • Gemunu Watch soldiers take the lead

    A project to repair and reclaim the road stretch that leads to Sri Pada from Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe Viharaya at Pallebeddara was inaugurated on Friday (24) under the auspices of Defence Minister Thilak Marapana and Commander of the Army Lt. Gen. L. P Balagalle RWP RSP VSV USP ndc IG amidst a vast gathering of buddhist monks, soldiers and members of the general public.
  • LTTE Fighting its Last Battle Says President

    THE LTTE is fighting its last battle and the security forces are continuing their fight to emancipate the country and the people of the north and east from terrorism. Meanwhile the government is engaged in finding a durable solution to the ethnic problem through democratic means, said President Rajapaksa yesterday.
  • Commander Flies to Mannar &; Wanni Again

    AS SKIRMISHES between the troops and Tiger terrorists gather momentum with troops capturing Tiger (LTTE) strongholds day by day , constant and close supervision and assessment is regularly needed since hundreds of brave soldiers are committed for the cause.
  • LTTE Bunker Lines Attacked; Five Tigers Killed

    JAFFNA: ONE MORE OFFENSIVE ASSAULT on the LTTE bunker line in the south of A-9 route at MUHAMALE was reported last night (24) around 7.00 p.m. where at least five LTTE cadres in the bunkers were confirmed killed.
  • Tamil Nadu Police Tracking 50 more Tigers

    POLICE IN TAMIL NADU have intensified efforts to track down more than 50 hardcore LTTE cadres from the North who are hiding in southern Tamil Nadu. The hunt is being undertaken by the Q branch of the Tamil Nadu police, which has already tracked down and arrested 10 LTTEers.
  • Ban Parties Openly Supporting LTTE: Congress

    EXPRESSING CONCERN over reported rise in LTTE activities in Tamil Nadu, the Congress yesterday asked the State Government to ban political parties and organisations openly supporting the proscribed outfit.
  • Tri-Service War Heroes Receive National Recognition

    LIONS OF THE ARMY, Navy and Air Force, in one of the most acclaimed and respected annual events in the military calendar were conferred national recognition Thursday (24) evening at a glittering ceremony by His Excellency, the President Mahinda Rajapaksa as Commander-in-chief in the presence of a galaxy of distinguished guests and military chiefs.
  • SLAF Bombs Another LTTE Camp

    KILINOCHCHI: SRI LANKA AIR FORCE fighter jets this morning (25) conducted a successful air raid on another major hideout of LTTE, identified as “LTTE Transport Base”, located two kms southwest of Depot Junction, SELVANAGAR, KILINOCHCHI at about 7.30 a.m..