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News Archive

  • History Repeating Itself?

    I AM no historian. Only an ordinary reader with a penchant for history. Like millions of other Sri Lankans I was avidly following the humanitarian mission launched by the armed forces to rescue the innocent Tamil people from the clutches of the bestial L.T.T.E and clear the north from this evil. Military experts attribute this magnificent victory to many factors like, astute leadership both political and military, singleness of purpose, excellent morale and dedication of the soldiers, perfect coordination of the tasks between the three forces, technical superiority over the enemy etc. But among all these factors military strategists single out one strategy that the armed forces adopted which has contributed substantially to this victory. That is the encirclement of the enemy by many divisions (53, 55, 58, 59 divisions....

  • Tamil Course for Wanni Soldiers Commenced

    In order to improve Tamil language proficiency among troops serving the Security Force Headquarters-Wanni (SFHQ-W), a Tamil proficiency course was launched on Tuesday (28) at  2nd Battation Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment Headquarters. The course is assisted by instructors from the National Institute of Language Education and Training. 15 Officers and 67 Other Rankers are attending the course and the course will continue for a few weeks.
  • Commander's Visit Covers More Peripheral Units

    The third leg of the Army Commander's Haiti visit commenced on Thursday (22) with more visits to peripheral Sri Lankan Battalion's (SRIBAT) Company Headquarters, away from Leogane. The 'A' Company Headquarters in the Brache Sector, the closest one to the Leogane Headquarters warmly received the visiting Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya and was conducted to meet special guests and other invitees, awaiting his arrival at the Headquarters.
  • 'Viru Kekulu' Kids Display Skills in Annual Concert

    Kids from the Seva Vanitha Army Branch (SVAB) managed Panagoda ‘Viru Kekulu’, Manning Town ‘Viru Kekulu’ pre-schools and ‘Senehasa’ pre-school for children with special needs, had their annual concert that showcased their skills and artistic talents at Colombo 3, Mahanama College auditorium Friday (15) evening. 

  • Ushan Vidyalayam Students Educated on IT

    Students in Varani area, Jaffna had the rare chance of receiving knowledge on IT thanks to the efforts of the 52 Division and 522 Brigade under the Security Force Headquarters, Jaffna. As the first phase of the project, 110 students from Ushan Ramanadan Vidyalayam underwent IT training during the workshop, held on Wednesday (13) beginning at 9.00 a.m.
  • Twins & Four Brothers in three Families Join Army

    THE ISLAND’S history, records many occasions where members of the same family joined the Armies to protect the country when the need demanded patriotic countrymen to go to the battlefield during invasions or other threats. Some brave youths, even in the recent past never missed that opportunity and made their contributions to serve the country through soldiering. Three such instances came to limelight at the recent passing out parade of Officer Cadets at the Sri Lanka Military Academy (SLMA) in Diyatalawa when it was revealed that six brothers including twins were commissioned as Second Lieutenants in the Sri Lanka Army.

  • Wanni Troops Listen to their New Army Chief During First Visit

    The second leg of the Commander's visit to the North commenced from Vavuniya Tuesday (15) morning when he arrived at the Security Force Headquarters-Wanni (SFHQ-W), to be received by Major General Boniface Perera, Commander, SFHQ-W. At the.......
  • New Air Force Chief Arrives at Army Headquarters

    The newly-appointed Commander of the Air Force Air Marshal Gagan Bulathsinghala, paid his first formal visit to the Army Headquarters to call on Lieutenant General Crishanthe De Silva, Commander of the Army Tuesday (30) morning.......
  • Resettlement Only in Demined Places

    THE Government will not allow re-settlement unless the people are provided with liveable conditions, Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayake said. Certain foreign conspirators put the Government into difficulties by demanding the re-settlement of IDPs, liberated areas, he said. The premier was addressing a meeting at the Kadirgamar Relief Centre in Vavuniya following the distribution of dried rations donated by the people in Horana. The Prime Minister said the Government was involved unfailingly in the exercise of removing landmines and the IDPs will be re-settled in the same expeditious way the people were liberated.

  • Troops Find 1000 GPMG Ammo Rounds

    NORTH: ARMY troops continuing their search and clear operations in the general areas of MANNAR, KADIRANKULAM, PULLAYANPOKKANAI, WERAVIL, TAPPUKULAM, UDAYARKATTUKULAM and PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU on Thursday (10) recovered one T-56 weapon, fifty-three hand grenades, two 120 mm mortar bombs, forty-eight 60 mm mortar bombs, ten 60 mm mortar illuminating bombs, nine 60 mm mortar fuses, one hundred and six 60 mm mortar high explosive bombs, 1 kg of C-4 explosives, two electric detonators, sixty-four Rocket Propelled Grenades.....