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31st August 2018 18:53:11 Hours

Mitigation of Violent Extremism is a Global Responsibility - Session 3 Presenters

As the Session 3 of the final day of the ‘Colombo Defence Seminar 2018’ was reaching completion, Colonel Robin Jayasuriya of the Sri Lanka Army and Brigadier General Mohammed Hasan Uz Zaman of Bangladesh Army were invited to present their findings on ‘Leadership in Mitigating Violent Extremism’.

Giving a deep definition to the notion of extremism, presenters admitted that a range of issues including politics, ethnicity, religion, criminalized violence and gender relations make the root cause for emergence of extremism but pointed out that no human society or religious community or worldview is immune to such atrocities.

Addressing the issue of mitigation, possibilities of preventive and countering measures were taken up by presenters to address actors engaged in mitigation process, in which people remain involved. Leadership portrayed by own, neighbouring, regional, international, international organizations and international community therefore serves towards special measures that could be adopted to mitigate violent extremism.

They stressed the importance of independent, effective and transparent legal system in mitigating violent extremism, governmental leadership and a whole of societal leadership, including leadership of faith community, empowering society leadership-civil society leadership and assessing degrees of leadership-community, local, regional, global levels.

Similarly, using the information highway and social media network as a counter measure to spread of extremist ideologies taking account of Media dimensions with a proactive approach, along with gathering of intelligence is therefore of paramount importance. Countering of ideology by strengthening democracy and prevention of use of terrorism as an extension of foreign policy are among other processes that have to be in place with the support of multinational leaderships which adopt a global strategy towards mitigation of violent extremism, they highlighted.