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31st August 2018 12:19:39 Hours

‘Colombo Defence Seminar - 2018’ Discusses ‘Political Extremism’

Meticulously planned Day - 2 Sessions of the ‘Colombo Defence Seminar - 2018’ on ‘Security in an Era of Global Disruptions’ at the BMICH got to a start this morning (31) to discuss ‘Political Extremism’ with three panelists under the chairmanship of Prof Amal Jayawardane, Senior Professor at General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University (KDU).

‘Role Played by Violent Non-state Actors’, ‘Ideological Polarization’ and ‘Role of the Military in Response to Violent Non-State Actors in a Destabilized International System’ were the sub topics that were taken up for discussion in the Session 1 of the day.

Dr David H Ucko of Sweden, Director, Combating Terrorism Fellowship Program, College of International Security Affairs, National Defense University, Washington, DC, Lieutenant General (Ret.) Ms Orit Adato, Research Fellow and Lecturer in International Counter Terror (ICT) Research Institute - Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya, Chair of the Gesher Leadership Institute, Founder and Director of ‘Forum Dvora’ - Women in Security and Foreign Affairs, Founder and Managing Director of Adato Consulting Ltd, Israel and Major General Roger J. Noble, Deputy Commanding General - North, United States Army Pacific, Australia made their presentations in the Session 1 on Friday (31) morning.

The Session 2 which would enable all participants to have their presentations prepared and fine-tuned and having discussed under four Groups (A, B, C, D) began soon after the Session 1 was over before the interlude.

Those Groups, chaired by Dr Sarala Fernando, Former Ambassador/ Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the UN focused on ‘Diaspora Communities amidst Peace and Conflict’, ‘Technological Creativity: Challenges to Armed Forces’, ‘Climate Change: Future of Warfare’ and ‘Leadership in Mitigating Violent Extremism’.

In the Session 3 all contributors were expected to produce their presentations, based on their findings in the Session 2 discussions as specified above. Subsequently, a selected Expert Panel is expected to comment on the findings of all Groups and further enlighten the Seminar participants before the Concluding Session gets underway in the afternoon.

Mr Prasad Kariyawasam, Secretary to Ministry of Foreign Affairs is billed to make the valedictory statement before the closing ceremony begins.