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30th August 2018 17:05:25 Hours

Bangladesh Think-tank Urges Quick Action on Geo-engineering to Save the Earth

Taking a proactive look at challenges and opportunities that surround the ‘Human-Induced Climate Change’ discussed in the final session of the first day of the ‘Colombo Defence Seminar - 2018’ Major General A.N.M Muniruzzaman (Retd), President, Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies and Chairman, Global Military Advisory Council on Climate Change - Bangladesh covered a vast area related to the practices of Geo-engineering with special focus on ‘Methods of Geo-engineering, Solar Radiation Management (SRM), Albedo Enhancement, Space Reflectors, Stratospheric Aerosols, Case Study: Eruption from Mount Pinatubo Volcano, Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR)Afforestation, Ambient Air Capture, Biochar Ocean Fertilization, Geo-engineering Experiment by Russ George, Geo-engineering Efforts So Far, Harvard project, Security Implications, Governance Structure Needed, Oxford principles and Way Forward before too late.

Geo-engineering involves large scale artificial intervention on the Earth’s climate system and concerns revolve around the associated effects, demanding a special kind of governance at global level to develop and monitor Geo-engineering techniques, he pointed out.

“This is the last option we have, to save the Earth from the worst effects of climate change, of cause using different geo-engineering methods.

He drew parallels between his own country and elsewhere and warned if action was not forthcoming, the entire mankind would run the risk of existing on the earth, considering what was happening as specified under above-mentioned sub topics”.