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30th August 2018 17:04:25 Hours

South Asian Region, Most Prone to Natural Disasters

Talking on the ‘Role of the Military in Response and Mitigating Strategies’ (Global Strategies) in the final sessions of the first day (Aug 30), Mr Joseph D. Martin, Director, Centre for Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance, United States of America said that the rescue operations in times of disasters should always be better coordinated as of now and require more energy to those efforts.

Explaining at length about natural disasters in the Indo-Pacific region which is the most prone region, he claimed that 47% of natural disasters in 2015 occurred in this region and 91% of the world’s deaths occurred due to natural disasters in the last century.

Frequency, magnitude and impacts of extreme events are increasing and 75% of world’s seismic energy is released in the “Ring of Fire” causing displacement for millions. 24.2 million new displacements take place due to natural disasters.

8 of the top 10 countries for displacement are in the Asia-Pacific Region and all of them are exposed to mega disasters while living in megacities, he pointed out.