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30th August 2018 17:03:25 Hours

Military is the First Responder to National Disasters - Veteran Journalist & Analyst

Mr. Nitin A Gokhale, National Security Analyst, Author and Media Entrepreneur in India in his speech to the Session 3 (final session of the day) on the theme ‘Human Induced Climate Change’ commended the roles of the military in the region, including the Sri Lanka Army for rising to the occasion as first responders to any national disaster or natural catastrophe and taking the lead in extending assistance to the affected and victims.

This Session 3 was chaired by one of the most celebrated Chiefs of Indian Army Staff and Chairman Chiefs of Staff India, General Bikram Singh (Retd) who arrived here at the invitation of the Commander of the Army.

Claiming that he as an author and a veteran journalist while living in the north east of India collected those experiences.South &South-East Asia areprone to massive natural disruptions and inadequate training given to civilian agencies has always been of little use.

“Military is the first responder in most cases in the year 2017 and even a few months ago in Sri Lanka. From China to Cambodia &India to Indonesia, military has regularly come to the rescue. They operate now in-built houses and perform their military tasks across the region since military is well-located, better-trained, and enjoy the spirits of cohesive and disciplined nature. They organize shelters, food, medicine after rescuing people from difficult situations from restoring roads and bridges to restarting electric & water supplies.

“Climate change is here to stay & getting worse. The more we get industrialized, more are the chances of technological disruptions. Nations need to take a ‘whole of govt approach’. Militaries perhaps need specialized cadre for such work. Templates need to be put in place for better coordination and quicker responses.

Stressing the need to work with better coordination and planning with other agencies, armed forces always earmark a portion of resources for them and do proper planning although others do not.