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Army Shooters Perform Well in Finland

Sri Lanka Army shooters attending the IMSSU World Championship – 2018 along with members of the Sri Lanka’s National Team won 8 Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in the tournament, beating competitors from more than 14 countries.

In addition, Army shooters won the second place in the Small Bore Rifle category in the tournament, a significant achievement in an international event in the most recent past.

Captain P.K.J.S. Gayanga of the Army secured 1 Gold Medal, 3 Silver Medals and 1 Bronze by becoming the world’s No 1 in the following specific categories:

Small Bore Silhouette Rifle Individual (Gold Medal), Air Rifle Individual (Silver Medal), Air Pistol Individual (Silver Medal), Small Bore Rifle Team (Silver Medal), and Small Bore Rifle Aggregate Individual (Bronze Medal).

In addition, Major C. S Rathnayake secured 1 Silver Medal under the Small Bore Rifle category.

Warrant Officer II, K. B Rathwatte won 1 Silver Medal under the Small Bore Rifle category.

Over 200 shooters representing fourteen countries competed in the World Championship and Sri Lanka’s overall medal total stood at 8 Medals (Gold, Silver & Bronze).

The victorious team was made up of Major C.S Ratnayake, Captain P.K.J.S Gayanga, Warrant Officer II K. B. Rathwatte, Warrant Officer II T. B. N Jayarathna, Corporal H. P. J Pushpa Kumara, Corporal R. R Bannehea, Corporal K. P Gunawardena and Corporal W. M. S. K Wickramasinghe.