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Army Troops to Construct New 3 Storey Building at 'Dharmayathanaya'

Bauddhaloka Mawatha, ‘Dharmayathanaya’, one of Colombo’s Buddhist places of worship, headed by Ven Elle Gunawansa Thero is to be further expanded and improved turning it to be a fully-fledged religious site.

At the auspicious 11.44 a.m. on Thursday (29) the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya laid the cornerstone for construction of the three-storied building of this sacred place that houses the monastery (Sanghawasaya), dining hall (Dāna Shalawa) and the retreat hall.

On the directions given by the Secretary Defence and Urban Development, the entire project is to be erected with engineering, planning, architectural expertise and labour, provided gratis by the Army as a patronage, extended to a place of religious significance in consistent with policies, enunciated in the ‘Mahinda Chinthanaya’.

'Seth Pirith' chanting and religious observances, led by Ven Elle Gunawansa Thero, Incumbent, ‘Dharmayathanaya’ preceded the foundation-stone laying ceremony, headed by the Commander of the Army as the Chief Guest for the occasion. The Commander also offered the Buddha Pooja and the alms subsequently to the monks attending the inaugural ceremony.  

Several leading Buddhist monks, Major General Crishantha De Silva, Commander, Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force, Major General S.R. Manawadu, Commander, Security Forces Headquarters - West and several senior officers were associated with the event.