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10th October 2018 01:05:06 Hours

Wanni Troops Mark Army Anniversary with Diverse Projects

A string of commemorative events to mark the forthcoming 69th Army Anniversary got underway at the Security Force Headquarters - Wanni (SFHQ-W) and in all Divisions, Brigades and Units under command to the SFHQ-W during October 4 - 9.

A Flag March, led by 475 Officers and Other Ranks of the 61 Division paraded to the Kalmadu junction from the Ichchankulam Police station on Tuesday (9) covering a distance of about 6 km as a spectacle of the ongoing Army anniversary programmes. A large gathering of civilians watched the parade along the road.

Arrangements organized on the directions of Major General Kumudu Perera, Commander, Security Forces - Wanni (SF-W) were also comprised of blood donation programmes in the 612 Brigade premises and the 611 Brigade headquarters on Thursday (4) and Friday (5) respectively.

125 Army personnel at the 612 Brigade and 75 troops in the 611 Brigade during those projects gave away their blood for the use of hospital patients in the Wanni region to mark the Army anniversary. General Officer Commanding, 61 Division, Brigadier K.D.C.G.J Thilakerathna on the directions of the Commander, SF-Wanni organized those projects at the request of the Vavuniya blood bank.

In the meantime, another Flag March paraded Vavuniya town on Monday (8) morning displaying their splendor, pageantry and gallantry. The parade included Flags of all the Divisions, Brigades and Battalions serving under the SFHQ-Wanni.

Similarly, troops of the 613 Brigade launched a Shramadana to clean the Madu Church premises and its suburbs under the guidance of the GOC, 61 Division and 613 Brigade Commander on Monday (8). During this event, 10 Officers and 300 troops of the 61 Division after completing the Madu premises collected garbage on either side of the Madu - Palampiddi Road, Pandivirichchan - Madu Road and other places around the pilgrims’ rest.

Around the same time, troops assisted a civil arrangement held at Kovilmotai Vidyalaya where 75 senior citizens in Vellankulam area were felicitated on Friday (5) by a group of leading citizens and the Grama Seva official. Troops provided temporary huts and other requirements as well as refreshments for the event.

In the meantime, 61 Division troops in cooperation with civilians in the area launched a tree-planting programme in Kovilmottai area to be in line with the Army anniversary.

Similarly, troops of the 613 Brigade under command to the 61 Division conducted a blood donation campaign at its Headquarters on Tuesday (9) to coincide with the 69th Army Day under the supervision of the Commander 613 Brigade and the General Officer Commanding 61 Division.

105 donors from 613 Brigade, 26 Sri Lanka Light Infantry (SLLI), 24 Gajaba Regiment (GR) and residents of Tachchanamaradamadhu village gave blood on the occasion. Anuradhapura blood bank cooperated with the troops to make the event a success.

On the directions of the Commander, Security Forces - Wanni (SF-W), Major General Kumudu Perera, and under the close supervision of the General Officer Commanding 21 Division Major General Ruwan De Silva and Commander 211 Brigade, Colonel Tharaka Rathnasekara organized a Flag March from Pattanichur Muslim school to the main entrance at the Security Force Headquarters - Wanni (SFHQ-W) on Monday (8). Over 21 Officers and 380 Other Rankers representing the SFHQ-W paraded in this March.

2 (Volunteer) Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment (VIR) and 2 (Volunteer) Sri Lanka Army Women’s Corps (SLAWC) marched with the Brass band of the Sri Lanka Corps of Military Police (SLCMP).

Meanwhile, the 213 Brigade troops under command to the 21 Division conducted a medical camp in Thammenna Elawaka Divisional Secretariat area on Saturday (6). 18 doctors from Pera Medico Friends In Need Association at the request of the GOC 21 Division supported the move. This medical camp benefited over 370 needy villagers in and around Minhettigama, Divulwewa and Maradhamaduwa areas.

Meanwhile, a donation of books organized by the GOC 56 Division took place at Omanthai Vidyalaya on Tuesday (9). Children received books and reading materials including story books, short story books, etc. Another set of valuable English books was also donated to the school by an expatriate.

Meanwhile, 56 Division under command to the SFHQ-W conducted a Flag March from Omanthai to Thandikulam. Over 400 plus troops from the under command establishments representing (561, 563 Brigades and Battalions) joined the March. GOC 56 Division with Brigade Commanders and battalion commanders gave lead to those programmes.

Meanwhile, troops of the 56 Division conducted a Shramadana to clean roadsides of the A-9 road, main bus stand and the surroundings in Vavuniya to coincide with the 69th Army Day on the directions of the GOC 56 Division and under the supervision of the Commander, 561 Brigade. Municipal Council employees in Vavuniya also supported the move. It was carried out with more than 200 troops.

Likewise, the 56 Division commemorated the 69th Army Day at the Divisional Headquarters in the presence of the GOC. More than 1000 saplings were planted within the Headquarters premises. Later on, valuable gift packs for 45 inmates at Anpaham Hindu Children’s home at Veppankulam in Vavunya were offered as another segment of the programme.

Troops of the 61 Division also conducted customary events in line with the 69th Army day with their GOC. They planted over 150 herbal plants and opened a newly-erected building for the civil staff in the Division.

Security Force Headquarters - Wanni (SFHQ-W) in addition to the series of religious observances and other projects that got underway, prior to the 69th Army Anniversary Day (Oct 10) marked the event at the SFHQ Headquarters premises on Wednesday (10) by hoisting the Army Flag and the SFHQ-w Flag.

Headed by Major General Kumudu Perera , Commander, Security Forces - Wanni , the brief commemorative ceremony included the recital of the Army Song, Two-minute silence and the reading of the Commander’s Army Day Message.

In the evening, all Officers and Other Rankers of the Headquarters gathered for a Bhodhipooja and listened to a Dhamma sermon conducted by the Chief Incumbent of Sri Dhalada Viharaya Madukanda Ven Kirigalwawe Wimalasara Tero.

Meanwhile, a blood donation was organized by 563 Brigade of the 56 Division at Primary Medical Care Unit at Omanthai in collaboration with the General Hospital Vavuniya on Thursday (11) as the final segment of the string of anniversary programmes.

A 12 member medical staff including doctors and supporting staff under Dr Rajintha Asage attended the event in order to collect blood for patients in the Wanni region. More than 150 Army donors representing Divisional Headquarters, 561, 563 Brigades under command battalions and Omanthai Police Station members actively donated their blood with the purpose of fulfilling the urgent needs in the Haematology unit at the Vavuniya General Hospital

The programme, initiated under the guidance of General Officer Commanding (GOC), 56 Division, Major General Prabhath Dematanpitiya continued throughout the day (11).

GOC, 56 Division, Commander, 561 Brigade, Colonel A.C.P De Silva, Commander, 563 Brigade, Colonel E.A.D.P Edirisinghe, all Commanding Officers and the Superintendent of Police in Puliyankulama Police Sector, Mr Fonseka were associated with the day's programme.

21 Division Headquarters of the Security Force Headquarters - Wanni (SFHQ-W) in connection with the 69th Army anniversary meanwhile launched a multitude of events including Flag Marches, blood donation and Shramadana projects beginning the first week of October.

As the first segment, 211 Brigade troops and all under command Battalions jointly supported the conduct of a blood donation arrangement at the Vavuniya General Hospital premises on 2 October. 104 soldiers donated their blood for use of Wanni patients during the campaign.

Similarly, troops on the following day (3) repaired the water pump at Kalnattikulam Primary School in Vavuniya and cleaned the school premises as a community project.

2 (V) Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment and 2 (V) Sri Lanka Army Women’s Corps troops joined those Shramadana projects at the Home for Elders at Mother Theresa’s Convent at Pompemadu and Kalnattikulam Primary School.

Bringing commemorative ceremonies to a climax on the Army Day (10 Oct) hundreds of troops serving Brigades, Units in the 21 Division and the Forward Maintenance Area (FMA) staged a Flag March covering about 5 km along the Anuradhapura airport road.

211, 212 and 213 Brigade Commanders, Commanding Officers and the troops in all Units joined this colourful march under the supervision of Major General W.R.P De Silva, General Officer Commanding, 21 Division.

In the meantime, 54 Division troops launched a series of programmes with all under command military establishments to commemorate the 69th Army Anniversary.

48 Officers and 796 Other Ranks marched in Mannar in a Flag March covering a distance 6.5 km.

A formal flag hosting ceremony and other events commenced at the Divisional Headquarters with the participation of the GOC the same afternoon.

During the evening, Army Flags were blessed at Mathota Rajamaha Viharaya and also at St. Sebastian Cathedral in Mannar. GOC, Brigade Commanders, Commanding Officers and a large gathering attended those religious observances.

In the meantime, 54 Division Headquarters in Mannar under the Security Force Headquarters - Wanni (SFHQ-W) launched a few community-oriented projects in the area on account of the 69th Army Anniversary during 10 - 16 October.

At first, they offered a sumptuous lunch to the children at Annai Islamic Children’s Home in Mannar and inquired into their needs. Each inmate child was gifted with a school bag, books and essential school items during the programme. Apart from that, money orders, each worth Rs 1000.00 were gifted to 16 selected students to buy new pairs of shoes.

The General Officer Commanding of the 54 Division, Brigadier W.G.H.A.S Bandara, together with Officers and Other Ranks of the Division Headquarters extended their support for conduct of this meritorious project.

Meanwhile, the same 54 Division launched a tree planting (Ruk Ropa) campaign on the same day to coincide with the National Tree Planting drive.

Over 5,000 saplings of commercial value, such as Kumbuk, Kohomba, Palu, Halmilla, Bulu and many other saplings were planted in several public places in Mannar township and its suburbs.

Troops of the 542 Brigade on the directions of the Commander, 542 Brigade and under the supervision of the General Officer Commanding joined hands with religious leaders, community leaders, state officials, military Officers, community leaders of various civil associations, school children and a number of civilians in Mannar.

In the meantime, 62 Division troops conducted a proud Flag March with under command troops on Tuesday (16) from Padaviya town to Parakramapura People’s Ground on account of the 69th Army Day.

80 Officers and 700 Other Ranks marched about 9 km exhibiting the pride of the Sri Lanka Army.

General Officer Commanding (GOC), 62 Division, Brigadier L.A.N.S Wanigasinghe, Brigade Commanders, Commanding Officers and a large gathering of Officers and Other Ranks participated in this colourful event.

Meanwhile, 54 Division troops during 8-9 October launched a Dengue prevention project in Mannar town to coincide with the 69th Army Anniversary.

Over 55 Officers and 800 Other Ranks voluntarily contributed to the cleaning project, conducted on the directions of Colonel I.H.M.R.K Herath, Commander, 542 Brigade under the supervision of Brigadier W.G.H.A.S Bandara, General Officer Commanding, 54 Division.

Before the commencement of the mammoth Shramadana project, Ven. Ambagahawewa Sangakiththi Thero, Bishop of Mannar, Most Rev. Dr Fildelis Lionel Emmanuel Fernando, Kurukkal R Samipillai and Rev. Mawlavi, M.T Basith on account of the Army Anniversary blessed the project and invoked blessings on the Army.

Commander, Security Forces - Wanni (SF-W) has given his blessings to the project.

Meanwhile, troops of the 62 Division conducted another Shramadana campaign at the Rural Ayurvedic Hospital Padaviya on Saturday (20) to mark the 69th Army Day with the participation of 15 Officers and 300 troops. The project was carried out on the directions of the Commander, Security Forces - Wanni (SF-W), Major General Kumudu Perera and under the supervision of the General Officer Commanding (GOC), 62 Division Brigadier L.A.N.S Wanasingha.

Hospital Staff and civilians joined hands with the troops of the Commander, 622 Brigade and some Senior Military Officers.

Meanwhile, a special Pooja at Vavuniya Kandaswamy Kovil on Tuesday (23), organized by the 56 Division of the Security Force Headquarters - Wanni (SFHQ-W) invoked blessings on the 69th Army anniversary. The initiative was taken by Major General Prabath Dematanpitiya, General Officer Commanding, 56 Division.

Brigadier General Staff of SF – Wanni, Brigadier S. S. Waduge and Brigadier L. R. P Premalal joined the Pooja, together with the Commander 561 Brigade Colonel A. S. P Silva and officers and Other Ranks of the 56 Division and SFHQ-Wanni.