Sri Lanka Army

Defenders of the Nation

13th September 2018 12:30:24 Hours

Two Mock Raids Conducted in Panama & Kuchchaweli

Two mock raid operations to take enemy hideouts in the Army-initiated Field Training Exercise (FTX), ‘Cormorant Strike - 2018’, now underway in the east occurred this morning (13) in the general areas of Panama and east of Kuchchaweli as one more phase of the training module.

During the direct onslaught, participating five 8-man teams of the 1 Commando Regiment (CR), 4 foreign soldiers (Bangladesh), Special Forces (SF) Regiment troops, together with 4 airmen of the Sri Lanka Air Force raided simulated enemy hideouts in Panama area and caught the insurgents following close surveillance on their movements.

Around the same time, another mock raid, conducted along the coastal belt to the east of Kuchchaweli saw all enemy hideouts destroyed in a lightning strike after the troops secretly approached enemy hideouts. Two 8-man teams of the 2 SF and an 8-man team of Pakistan Army soldiers contributed to this operation that went on record as the 6th mock operation in sequence after the FTX began about a week ago.