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27th March 2017 18:17:37 Hours

Two Army Teams Fly to Compete in Pakistan Army’s PATS - 2017

Two Army teams, comprised of Sri Lanka Light Infantry (SLLI) and Commando Regiment (CR) members, expected to take part in the forthcoming 2nd International Pakistan Army Team Spirit (PATS) Competition - 2017 during March 31 - April 8 left for Pakistan this evening (27).

The PATS, an annual competition that calls for highest standards of physical fitness, tactical prowess and soldierly attributes, is also intended to share experience in the field of minor tactics and field craft in overall Counter Terrorism Scenario while strengthening bonds of friendship and joint training among participating countries.

Following an invitation extended by the Pakistan Army to the Sri Lanka Army for the second consecutive year after initial discussions to this effect were conducted at the General Headquarters, Military Training Directorate in Pakistan with representatives of more than 17 countries during January 3 - 6, 2017, the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Crishanthe De Silva, has given the green light for the Directorate of Infantry of the Army to go ahead with preparations since the PATS in the year 2016 had also recognized the Sri Lanka Army contingent by awarding the Silver Medal.

Sri Lanka’s PATS team with 11 members, including a Team Manager, Team Leader, Team Second in Command, Team Non Commissioned Officer, Wireless Operator, two Riflemen and three more members will compete in the PATS in 28 field events, within a challenging time-frame of 72 hours.

Teams and Observers from China, Egypt, Germany, Iran, Indonesia, Jordan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Russia, Turkmenistan, Turkey, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, United States of America and Sri Lanka are scheduled to participate in the PATS-2017. Two senior Officers of the Sri Lanka Army will contribute to the event as observers.

Events that need to collect sores during the PATS include Kit Inspection, Signal Communication Test, Recognition of Various Weapons and Combat Equipment, Verbal Orders for Infiltration Operation, Infiltration Operation / Night Navigation, Observation and Hearing, Dealing with Strangers, Occupation of Hide Out and Related Drills / Techniques, Selection / Marking of Landing Zone and Helicopter Landing Drills, Artillery Target Grid Procedure / Indication of Target, Dog Evasion, Prisoner of War Handling, Quick Battle Orders for Close Target Reconnaissance / Exfiltration, Close Target Reconnaissance Drill, Ambush /Anti Ambush Drills, Dealing with Helicopter Crash / First Aid, Mine Field Clearance Drills, Preparation of Target Reconnaissance Report, Rope Rappelling, Exfiltration Operation / Navigation, Speed March, Surprise Tests, Firing, Nuclear Biological Chemical Defence (NBCD), Assault Techniques, Crossing of Water Gap / Obstacle Crossing and Terminal Kit Inspection. A debriefing would formally bring the event to an end.

The SLLI team was picked as the best overall performers during a selection competition among teams, nominated by all infantry regiments of the Sri Lanka Army during a recent inspection for selection, held at Minneriya, Infantry Training Centre.

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