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Terrorists Continue to Detain Civilians; LTTE Communication Intercepted by Troops Reveals

MULLAITTIVU: LTTE Communications intercepted by the Army on Saturday (9) 3.40 a.m. further confirmed that the LTTE is forcibly keeping civilians under their captivity leaving no room for civilians to escape from their clutches.
However, the influx of civilians to Security-Forces held areas revealed the willingness of those civilians to leave LTTE-held areas.

     The following dialogue communicated between two LTTE terrorists through their communication sets was intercepted by the Army troops.

At 3.40 a.m.Sinduran  :-“Twenty captured, more are coming, cannot control, send more to   control”.

Priyalan    :-“Stop whatever way possible”.

Again at 3.50 a.m.Sinduran     :-Send a vehicle to send captured twenty.

Anburasan :-Milravan Master was sent with a vehicle.

Again at 6.15 a.m.Thirumalai Master  :- How so many were injured?

Sinduran                  :- Couldn’t control, large number came, we had to fire at them.