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SFHQs in Kilinochchi &;amp; Jaffna Conduct Elaborate Poson Programmes &;amp; Dansel

Different commemorative programmes, in connection with Poson festival, organized by Security Force Headquarters - Kilinochchi (SFHQ-KLN) and  52 Division and 521 Brigade of Security Force Headquarters - Jaffna (SFHQ-J), took place for two days (June 23 & 24) in their respective areas.

The new protective wall of the Bo tree (Bodhiprakaraya), new temple bell post (Gantara Kuluna) and the lower layer of the Bo Maluwa, erected at Mankulam Sugatha Viharaya, situated in the area under the Security Force Headquarters - Kilinochchi, were opened on Poson Poya Day (23).

To coincide with the opening, more than 2500 Security Force personnel, including the Police, clad in white, joined together for a Bodhi Pooja and participation in Dhamma preaching ceremony. Around the same time, the Poson sightseeing zone, put up by SFHQ - KLN in front of Mankulam Sugatha Viharaya, was declared open to the public.

Major General Udaya Perera, Security Force Commander, Kilinochchi, Mankulam Senior Superintendent of Police, officers in charge of Police stations in the area, officers and a large gathering witnessed the day’s events.

Meanwhile, SFHQ - KLN on Monday (24) organized a blood donation campaign on account of its 4th Anniversary and Poson festival. A large number of senior officers and other ranks donated blood during the campaign.

Meanwhile, 52 Division in Varani and 521 Brigade troops of the Security Force Headquarters-Jaffna in Point Pedro organized two Dansel (free eating places) to mark Poson festival.

Officers and other ranks of the 7 Battalion, Vijayahabu Infantry Regiment enthusiastically contributed to the conduct of a rice and curry ‘Dansela’ throughout the whole evening on Poson day (23) at Velwetithurai. A large number of people enjoyed the hospitality and generosity of the Army troops.

Meanwhile, troops of 19 Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment (SLSR) offered free lunch and dinner at a ‘Dansela’ held at the Point Pedro supermarket where more than 4000 civilians enjoyed free meals served by the troops.

Similarly, a joint programme launched by 521 Brigade Commander former Hartley College principal and retired Deputy Director of Education for Jaffna provided free meals to patients and staff at Manthikai Hospital, the same day on account of Poson.

In the meantime, separate arrangements organized by 521 Brigade and 52 Division Headquarters served meals to poor families in Rajakamam, Nelliadi and Varani areas.