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SFHQ-MLT Organizes Donation Programme for Tamil Children

Troops of the 683 Brigade under the 68 Division coordinated a distribution of school items to the students of low-income families in Udayarkattu (North & South), Sugandhipuram, Theravil and Wallapuram areas in Puddukudirippu recently with the sponsorship of ‘Merit’ foundation.

7 Gemunu Watch (GW) and 16 Sri Lanka Artillery (SLA) troops serving under the 683 Brigade actively took part engaged in this donation programme.

Under the programme, 40 Catholic students resident in Udayarkattu South, Theravil and Wallapuram areas with minimum facilities received those school items at first.

In addition to that, 10 teachers also received 20 sarees and a new computer was donated to the principal at Subarathi Vidyalaya for the benefits of students, during simple ceremony held at the 7 GW headquarters premises.

Another round of distribution took place simultaneously at the Sugandipuram Government Tamil School premises covering Sugandipuram and Udayarkattu North villages. School items to 40 Catholic students and 20 sarees to10 teachers plus a new computer were donated to Mr Sellaiah Meganadan, principal at Sugandipuram Tamil Mixed school.

That donation was sponsored by Mr. Anuranga Dilika Ovitigala, Chief organizer of ‘Merit’ foundation.

The 21 member donor delegation also participated in those two different distribution programmes.

On the instructions of Major General Dampath Fernanado, Commander, Security Forces – Mullattivu (SF-MLT) and under the guidance of Brigadier P.A.D Kahapola, General Officer Commanding (GOC), 68 Division with the support of Colonel H.K.R.C Kodithuwakku Brigade Commander, the 683 Brigade Headquarters organized one more donation programme at Puddukudirippu.

Brigadier P.A.D Kahapola, General Officer Commanding (GOC), 68 Division, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.

Mr. Anuranga Dilika Ovitigala, Colonel H.K.R.C Kodithuwakku, Brigade Commander 683 Brigade, Commanding Officers of 7 GW and 16 SLA, Senior Army Officers, Principal, teachers, students of the school and other rankers participated in that donation programme where another stock of school items were donated.

During the final segment of the day’s programmes, students and teachers appreciated the efforts taken by the Army to lend their assistance to uplift educational facilities of needy families in Puddukudirippu.

Troops of 68 Division also offered their kind gratitude to the members of the ‘Merit’ foundation who sponsored this programme.