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Seva Vanitha Army Branch Transfers Merits on Fallen War Heroes

TO COINCIDE with the forthcoming Vesak Festival, the Seva Vanitha Army Branch (SVAB) headed by Mrs Manjulika Jayasuriya conducted a series of religious ceremonies (Pinkam) on Tuesday (25). Those meritorious acts were meant to commemorate War Heroes who had contributed to the victory.
The Pinkama was also meant to transfer merits to all fallen War Heroes and invoke blessings on those recuperating after injuries and serving Army personnel.

Pirith Chanting, Alms Giving and Offering of Ata Pirikara to 25 Buddhist nuns culminated the religious ceremony held at the SVAB auditorium, Tuesday.

The religious ceremony was attended by Mrs Manjulika Jayasuriya, members of SVAB and all regimental Seva Vanitha members.