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Secretary Defence Opens 'Vesak Kalapa ' "Dansel" and Bakti - Gee Presentations

To mark the 2600 th "Sambuddhatva Jayanthi", several Vesak Zones, "Dansel" and " Bakti -Gee" presentations were inaugurated by the Secretary Defence Gotabaya Rajapaksha Vesak Poya day (17), evening the first day of the Vesak commemoration.

'Bhakthi Gee' programme which was organized by the Department of Civil Security at "Bauddhaloka Mawatha" was opened by the Secretary Defence. Before the commencement of the event, the Secretary Defence offered a tray of flowers to the colorfully decorated float where 'Bakthi Gee' was conducted Mrs. Ioma Rajapakshe was also present at the occasion.

Secretary Defence then attended the opening of 'Sirasa' Vesak Kalapaya organized by the Capital Maharaja Group.

There was a special display of the relics of Sariyuth and Mugalan, the chief disciples. The Secretary Defence let the public to pay their homage to those rare relics after making offerings.

'Maha Bath Dansela' held by the Nawaloka Group was also opened by the Secretary of Defence on the same day.

Under the direction of Sectary of Defence Gotabaya Rajapaksa Defence Secretary's Defence Unit organized the "Maha Bath Dansela".

H.E the President inaugurated the occasion by lighting the Vesak Lanterns and Dansela opening the to the public.

The first lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa, Secretary Defence Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Mrs.Ioma Rajapaksa, Commanders of the three forces and distinguished persons graced the occasion.

The President and the other distinguished persons had their meals at the "Dansela". (Courtesy: MoD)