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Sea-Bound LTTE Earth Bund Taken over by Troops

MULLAITTIVU: ONE more earth bund built by the LTTE terrorists across the A-35 MULLAITTIVU road was breached and taken over by the valiant soldiers moving southwards along the pitch of land between the A-35 road and the NANTHI KADAL lagoon Sunday (3) morning.

Terrorists relentlessly used maximum firepower to hold on to the bund with a length of about 500 m from the east to the west, but troops overpowered terrorist resistance and captured the bund killing a number of LTTE frontliners.

The LTTE-made earth bund runs parallel to the road from PUTHUMATTHALAN and hits the A-35 road in the north of  MULLAIVAIKKAL area from about 200 m south of that junction, it curves eastward blocking the passage of A-35 road to MAULLAITTIVU.