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Nutrients & School Accessories Distributed among Civilians & Students

42 students of low income group families learning at Galkanda Primary School, 50 under privileged families, including 9 pregnant women, following an arrangement made by the 233 Brigade of the 23 Division under the Security Force Headquarters - East (SFHQ-E) received incentives and essentials during a brief ceremony, organized at the Galkanda Primary School on Sunday (18).

Those students as incentives received school bags, books, accessories, mathematical equipment, general reading books, pens and pencils as a result of the contribution made by the social worker, Mrs Punya Abeykoon.

Similarly, members of 41 families and 9 pregnant women on the same occasion were donated separate bags of nutrients, essentials, cereals and clothes, each worth more than Rs 2000/= with the intention of enhancing their nutritional factor.

The donation programme was attended by 233 Brigade Commander, leading civilians in the area and the recipients.