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Now They Reap What They Sowed in Jaffna after Some 20 Years

A MASSIVE marshy paddy land area of about 4000 acres, hitherto remained barren as a result of continued terrorist atrocities in Jaffna have begun to bear fruits as a result of the government-sponsored accelerated “Uthuru Wasanthaya” development programme.

A few months ago after those paddy lands in Chavakachcheri-Thanankilappu areas that fell under the former High Security Zone (HSZ) Jaffna were released back to their owners. Enthusiastic and hardworking Jaffna farmers immediately sowed the fields in the Yala season, thanks to fertilizer subsidies, agricultural equipment and paddy seeds, provided by Mr Basil Rajapaksa, Senior Presidential Advisor under “Uthuru Wasanthaya” project.

Military authorities upon completion of the humanitarian operations won the war for separatism and decided to hand back many areas to the civilians following dismantling of previous High Security Zones. Farmers who received their harvesting lands back after a lapse of about twenty years harvested them and finally began to collect a record harvest, earning huge profits for them several days ago.  

Farmers, assisted by their friends in the area performed religious rites at the commencement of work and started reaping the harvest in their newly ploughed paddy fields after an absence of about 25 years. Those paddy fields had been left unattended after the war for separatism began some 30 years ago.