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05th July 2017 16:09:09 Hours

New Commander in His First Media Interaction Sets Out His Goals

Minutes after the new Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake took office at the Army Headquarters as the 22nd Commander of the Sri Lanka Army on Wednesday (5), he had a cordial interaction with media personnel with a view to setting out his vision in future as the Army Chief.

Elaborating on the Army’s road to victory against LTTE terrorism and how he contributed to it right throughout, he said HE the President has entrusted a greater responsibility to him in this capacity with a high degree of confidence in him. Responding to the queries of media personnel, he quipped; “Discipline is our military strength and we would like to always improve it, and this needs lots of efforts. Citing examples of how media personnel identify Army personnel in a derogatory manner when reporting a crime, in which a soldier, was involved, the Commander lamented. “When you found a member of any other organization, would you give him tags, like ‘Hamuda Sebala’, ‘Hamudawen Penagiya Sebala’, etc, for example. But Media does not identify them in the way it gives tags to any Army wrong-doer. There you have the problem”.

“The Army would continue to give the same tireless support to all other nation-building efforts of the country, identical to the one that they gave for decimation of terrorism. In the same way, support for emergencies and national requirements would prevail in a more vigorous manner,” he responded to another question.

Answering to another question, the Commander said that he had to flee the country because he was advised to do so. “I was clearly a victim of circumstances, but certainly not a victim of politics. I have never done politics in my life.”

Touching the question of any possible threat from the ISIS, the Commander said that all tri-service personnel and the Police as well as intelligence agencies of the country are capable of tackling any such issues. “At the moment, no such threat has been brought to our notice”.

The Commander speaking out a bit of his mind said that he, as the Commander of the Army would like to improve the standards of the Army in consultation with soldiers in order to find solutions to their pressing problems. He also appealed Media personnel to support his future endeavours for the betterment of the organization and the country at large.