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Mullaittivu Troops Install Drinking Water Outlets to Re-settled Keppapilavu Civilians

Launching one more project of vital humanitarian assistance for the re-settled civilians in the Army-released 133.4 acres of land in Keppapilavu, Mullaittivu, the Security Force Headquarters - Mullaittivu (SFHQ-MLT) on the directions of Major General Dushyantha Rajaguru, Commander, Security Forces - Mullaittivu (SF-MLT) installed two new drinking water outlets outside the main entrance to SFHQ-MLT on Friday (26) enabling civilians to collect drinking water free of charge.

It was just a couple of days ago, troops began purifying 24 wells of those resettled civilians after those re-settlers brought the matter to the notice of the SFHQ-MLT since they remained unused for so many years.

The recent inauguration of the Reverse Osmosis Plant for water purification inside the SFHQ-MLT premises enabled the supply of this free service to civilians who walk past the SFHQ-MLT entrance premises.

Those re-settled civilians face hardships due to shortage of drinking water and were compelled to travel a long distance to fetch drinking water. However, drinking water to outsiders would be available only in the morning and evening hours.

The inauguration of the community project took place in the presence of Colonel H Walgama, Brigadier Administration & Quartering, representing Major General Dushyantha Rajaguru, Commander, SF-MLT and several civilians in the area.