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Local &;amp; Foreign Tourists Once Again Enjoy Beauty of Pasikuda in East

AFTER the Sri Lankan Security Forces cleared the entire island of terrorists, local and foreign nature lovers have once again got the opportunity to visit beautiful beaches in the east.

Local and foreign visitors from various corners have now begun to walk along the golden beach of Pasikudah and dip in the eastern blue seas in relaxed mood.

The whole area of tourist importance had totally been cut off to tourists for decades due to LTTE activities. However, valiant troops who dared to fight and eliminate LTTE terrorists first liberated the east facilitating free flow of visitors into the area.

Sri Lanka Army is committed round the clock to provide necessary assistance to tourists in need. Security at all places where visitors gather has been strengthened by the soldiers.

 Now rays of development have fallen on the entire east under government’s development programme, “Nagenahira Navodaya” (Reawakening of the East).