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Jaffna Bishop Happy About Security in Jaffna

Jaffna Bishop Rt Rev Fr Dr Thomas Saundernayagam, in a letter addressed to Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe, attributes the significant drop in the Jaffna crime rate to the intensified new security measures of the Army and the Police now in effect.

The Bishop commending the role of the Army, assisted by the Police went on to state that timely action of the Security Forces in the peninsula drastically lessened the number of criminal activities and other unlawful acts. He also criticized organized crimes by certain sections and praised the Army for restoring normalcy. “Once again law and order has been restored and unlawful deeds have lessened”, the letter said.

Meanwhile, “Uthayan” the Jaffna based local newspaper in its editorial on 15th February 2011 commended the role of the Security Forces for drop in murders and burglaries in the peninsula since it has offered a sigh of relief to the Jaffna people.

It further highlighted the drop was a direct result of the combined efforts of the Army and the Police who ensured law and order in the peninsula. The editorial added that information given by arrestees had given a fuller picture of the thefts and the persons, involved.