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25th October 2017 16:06:30 Hours

Indian Troops During ‘Ex Mitra Shakthi’ Learn More on Sri Lankan War Experiences

Sri Lankan Army Officers, attending the ‘Mitra Shakthi’ training exercise in India were able to display a comprehensive multimedia presentation on ‘Sri Lankan Experiences in Humanitarian Operations and Counter Terrorism’ on Saturday (21) to an audience of senior Indian Army Officers and Other Rankers at the Aundh cantonment, Pune in India.

Major General Anil Puri, General Officer Commanding, 11 Division of the Indian Army, Brigade Commander for 330 Infantry Brigade in the Indian Army, Officers from the 11 Division and other Brigade Headquarters, Commanding Officers and Other Senior Officers from 1 MAHAR, 2 MARATI and 5 Gorkha Rifles were there to witness the lecture and the presentation.

The combined Sri Lankan group of Officers, Lieutenant Colonel Lakmal Perera, Lieutenant Colonel Sumeda Rangama, Captain Gayantha Gunaratne and Lieutenant Ayesh Danushka who conducted the presentation attracted the attention of the attendees where questions were given due attention.

General Officer Commanding of 11 Division, Major General Anil Puri who had taken part in IPKF operations in Sri Lanka as a young officer way back in 1980s during the lecture shared a couple of his own experiences in Sri Lanka.

Similarly, ‘Ex-Mitra Shakthi’ Sri Lankan contingent, together with their Indian counterparts enjoyed the Sri Lankan movie, ‘Maatha’ which depicted the ferocity of the battle for peace in Sri Lanka and humanitarian approaches of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces.

On the 10th day of the Exercise, Sri Lankan troops saw a demonstration of different types of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and listened to the lectures on ‘attacks on terrorist hideouts’ and ‘road opening drills’.

Again the Sri Lankan contingent on Monday (23) presented a case study before their Indian counterparts. It was based on the capture of Akkarayankulam ditch cum bund (DCB) from the terrorists by Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment troops.