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15th July 2018 10:00:17 Hours

Hasalaka War Hero Remembered & Respected with Flowers

One of the most admired War Heroes in contemporary Sri Lanka, Corporal Hasalaka Gamini Kularathna of the Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment (SLSR) who exactly 27 years ago laid his life for defence of his Elephant Pass camp was recalled to memory in front of his Elephant Pass statue premises during 13 - 14 July in fitting commemorative arrangements, organized by the 66 Division of the Security Force Headquarters - Kilinochchi (SFHQ-KLN).

Commemorative arrangements began with an all-night Pirith chanting ceremony on Friday (13) night, followed by offer of alms (Heel Daana) to the members of the Maha Sangha. Organized on the instructions of Brigadier Deepthi Jayathilaka, General Officer Commanding, 66 Division with the support of the 662 Brigade Commander, Colonel Champika Ranasingha and his troops, the commemorative event was attended by the mother of late War Hero and a gathering of civilians, in addition to Officers and Other Rankers.

On the following day (14), Major General Niyshshanka Ranawana, Commander, Security Forces - Kilinochchi (SF-KLN), attending the second phase of the memorial ceremony as the Chief Guest set light to the eternal lamp near the statue and revered the heroic memory by placing a floral wreath at the foot. The War Hero’s mother, Mrs S.G Juliet, together with the General Officer Commanding, 66 Division, 662 Brigade Commander and several of her relatives paid their respects to the monument by placing wreaths.

Hundreds of coconut oil lamps were lit around the premises afterwards in memory of this great soldier as the dusk fell before the ‘Last Post’ was sounded for culmination of the day’s proceedings in keeping with military traditions.