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Halambewewa Showers with Gifts &;amp; Donations on Children's Day

Troops of the 622 Brigade under the 62 Division of the Security Force Headquarters - Wanni (SFHQ-W) formally handed over the possession of the newly constructed preschool complex at Halambewewa to children on account of the recent International Children’s Day on October 1.

Following the coordination of Brigadier D.T Weerakoon, Brigade Commander, 622 Brigade, Ms. Natasha Leamres, a resident in Netherlands, and Mr. Gamini Perera as well as the National Christian Council of Sri Lanka, funded the purchase of building materials for construction while the troops of the 622 Brigade, contributed the engineering expertise and manpower for this much required need of the children.

Meanwhile, during the brief ceremony needy villagers in Halambewewa were offered packets of dry rations, building materials, sport items and school accessories.

Dry ration packs for 30 families, each worth of Rs. 3000.00 and 492 tin sheets for 41 families (each family 12 sheets), sponsored by Yoshida Foundation were among those items thus given free of charge to those civilians in Halambewewa.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Maha Bodhi Society sponsored the supply of school accessories, uniform materials and sports items to the value of Rs. 50000.00. On the same occasion Mr. Gamini Perera donated a water filter to the school in the area, worth about Rs 5000.00.

The event was coloured by cultural presentations of preschool kids. Sri Lanka Maha Bodhi Society, National Christian Council of Sri Lanka and Yoshida Foundation of Sri Lanka jointly sponsored all these community oriented projects.

Brigadier K.G.D Perera, General Officer Commanding, 62 Division, Brigadier D.T Weerakoon, Mr. Gunasekara and Mrs. Ambapali Sikurajapathi from Maha Bodhi Society, Mr. Ralften Wimer from National Christian Council of Sri Lanka, Mr. Prabhath Delgoda and Ms. Thusari Delgoda from Yoshida Foundation and Mr. Gamini Perera supported the programmes with their presence.