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Ex - LTTE Combatants to be Reintegrated to Society

THE Government is set to announce a National Framework Proposal on the reintegration of ex-combatants into civilian life shortly. This will be a key element of its post-conflict peace building and development process.

The envisioned policy intervention is designed to facilitate the reintegration of ex-combatants and contribute towards durable peace, by improving the employability of ex-combatants for civilian occupation, minimizing risk of socio-economic marginalization and ensuring them a smooth transition from military affiliations into larger communities.

The broader objectives will be to foster reconciliation and create opportunities for economic revitalization, which in turn will strengthen efforts to build sustainable peace and restore long-term stability in the country, the Disaster Management and Human Rights Ministry said.

The Ministry added that the draft proposal which is being prepared under its purview will be ready by end June, and national consultations will be held in mid - July to endorse the framework.

The Ministry said following a national sensitization workshop, five working groups had been established recently on disarmament and demobilization, rehabilitation, reinsertion, social reintegration and economic reintegration.

The working groups are made up of high level Government officials, policy makers, members of the Armed Forces, UN agencies and other stakeholders, the ministry added.

The working groups have met and are expected to meet in the future with sections such as representatives of Tamil political groups, ex-combatants, etc. to obtain their input for framework development.

The key aims of these forums would be to make the process inclusive, meaningful, and responsive to the actual needs of the target groups, Ministry sources added. Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe commenting on the effort, identified it as a key element for sustainable peace in the country, in line with the Government’s commitment to fostering reconciliation and development.

“This is a clear indication of the seriousness with which the Government is treating this critical issue. As the President stated in his address to the nation from Parliament, we do not accept a military solution as the final solution.

“Having addressed the grave challenge of terrorism head-on, we are now moving forward to address post-conflict challenges of building the Motherland, he said. According to Ministry sources, they would work closely with the Defence Ministry, particularly in relation to the disarmament and demobilization component of the framework.. (Courtesy: Daily News)